A Modern Text Analyser With Filtering And Graphing
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A Modern Text Analyser With Filtering And Graphing by Karl Olson



  1. Summary/About
  2. Changes History
  3. Unique Words in this Read me


  1. Summary/About Basically, I was pretty tired with the limited solutions available online for doing unique word counts as they didn't have many options for controlling any of the clean up options for the text input, nor did they show what was done to the input post-processing, nor were their any graphing or other possibly useful data formats. So, I built something a little fancier, then tried to make it look decent and modern. I'm still working on it.

  2. Changes History 0.1-0.4 - Original Dev Work under the Lyricalist. 0.4.5 - GitHub Commit as wordi.us.

  3. Unique Words in this Read Me (Including These Stats): Total Unique Words: 112 Total Word Count: 175 Total Word Processed: 175 Excluded Word Count: 1 Total Words - Excluded Words: 174 Percentage of Unique Vocabulary: 64.000000% Percentage of Unique Vocabulary Minus Exclusions: 64.367816%