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A tutorial that teaches users how to scrape Joni Mitchell's website for lyrics and send a song lyric a day to their inbox.
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Fluid Architecture

User Story

You're blue. This morning, you rolled out of bed and checked Gmail on your phone. To your dismay, a beautiful email with the lyrics to Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now" did not appear at the top of your inbox. 😞

If only there was a way to receive the lyrics to "Both Sides Now" — or, indeed, the lyrics to any of Joni Mitchell's timeless songs — in my inbox, you think. In fact, how cool would it be to receive a different lyric from Joni Mitchell's massive oeuvre every morning?

And how rad and empowered would I feel if I implemented a solution myself, using software, even though I'm not a software developer?

Dear reader, you can. And you will.

Introducing Fluid Architecture

Fluid Architecture is a start-to-finish tutorial for total coding noobs. It walks readers through the process of setting up a Python application that scrapes the web, gathers the lyrics of all of Joni Mitchell's songs, and sends a lyric a day to their inbox.

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