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This is about 50% complete. No package nor the /lib/*.js files will be available until it is

MongoLight for node.js

A lightweight MongoDB mapper for node.js


Creates the thinnest possible layer between the MongoDB driver and your objects.


First you have to configure mongolight with your MongoDB connection:

mongo = require('mongodb')
mongolight = require('mongolight')
new mongo.Db('DB_NAME', new mongo.Server('', 27017, {})).open (err, db) ->
    # your main application loop here

Define your classes:

class User
    mongolight.extend @

An optional 2nd options parameter can be specified:

class User
    mongolight.extend @, {name: 'people'}

The supported values for options are:

  • name: what to name this collection (by default it'll be inferred from the class name)


The mapper tries to stay as close to the underlying mongodb driver as possible. When you expect an object to be returned, you can specify {literal: true} in the options parameter to get back an object literal rather than an instance of the object.

Also, the find method has been simplified. There are two options (versus 7):

User.find {...}, (err, users) ->
# or
User.find {...}, {options}, (err, users) ->

Use the options to specify specific fields to retrieve (as well as other options, like sort and limit). For example: {fields: {...}, literal: true.}

By default find will load all found documents into memory. To retrieve the MongoDB cursor instead, specify {cursor: true} in the options.

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