Slides and Supplementary Material of the past TechTalks at the Karlsruhe Machine Learning, Statistics and AI Meetup
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2017-03-15 Matthias Richter - Automatic Differentiation
2017-04-10 Simon Kohl - Introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks
2017-04-12 Julius Pfrommer - Introduction to Probabilistic Graphical Models
2017-05-24 Christian Hubschneider - Introduction to TensorFlow with Applications to Autonomous Driving
2017-06-22 Marco Huber - Reinforcement Learning
2017-11-17 Manuel Martinez - Neural Network Design and Wasserstein Loss
2018-01-31 Sebastian Lerch - Probabilistic weather prediction
2018-12-12 Manuel Martinez - Wasserstein Distance as a Loss function_theory and applications

TechTalks held at the Meetup

This repository contains slides and example code of previous meetups. You can find more information about ind upcoming meetups at