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JSP Protothreads
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JSP Protothreads

What it is

JSP Protothreads is a data streams implementation for JSP (Jackson Structured Programming) together with protothreads. The protothreads takes care of what is called "program inversion" in JSP. Basically getting out of one process and into another. Data streams are defined in Jsppt.h.

The implementation relies on the Platform IO and Arduino platforms but it is quite simple so porting should not be a problem. The platform dependent part is in the ExpiryTimer class.

It is based on a C++ implementation by Ben Hoyt of protothreads by Adam Dunkels.

It implements two type of data streams:

  • BufferedDataStream < type, size >. The BufferedDataStream implements a FIFO queue of a certain type and size. It connects a writing process with a reader process.
  • TimerDataStream. The TimerDataStream implements a timer that will send a time event to the stream after a delay. Usually the writing process will be the same as the reader process.

A process enables reading by calling the Expect() method for the data stream(s) and then PT_YIELD(). When the process is resumed it shall call the Read() method. For a TimerDataStream a call to Write(delay) will also enable the expect flag so in this case it is not necessary to call Expect() too.

Reading from datastreams with timeout is implemented by starting a timer and expecting events on both the TimerDataStream and BufferedDataStream. Checking which data stream is written is done with the IsReady() method.

Scheduling is based on data stream events and each data stream need to be connected to a Protothread. Check the WiFiScan application in the examples directory for how to implement scheduling and to connect DataStreams and Protothreads together.

Making it simpler

If scheduling is done on a per process basis instead of per data stream it is possible to simplify things. Timers are bound in the process objects and the PT_WAIT_UNTIL() macro, and others, can be used instead. I added a SimplePt.h file that implements this instead and the SimpleWiFiScan example makes use of it. The Protothread class is also extended to a StateProtothread class to get the line number on which the process is waiting. This is used in the example scheduler for debug print on state changes.

Some notes

The protothread macros sets up a switch/case statement in your code so take care when inserting your own. It is also meant for stackless threads so don't place stack variables in your code, at least not if they pass a macro boundary.

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