Materials for a 75-minute introductory workshop on Git.
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Distributed Version Control with Git

A 75-minute workshop for the uninitiated.

Workshop Agenda

  1. Overview of Git + files and views
  2. Configuring Git
  3. Creating or cloning a repository (git-init/git-clone)
  4. Staging (git-add) and commiting files (git-commit)
  5. Viewing, traversing, and tagging history (git-log, git-checkout, git-tag)
  6. Alternate histories: git-branch
  7. Manipulating history: git-merge, git-cherry-pick, git-rebase
  8. Working remotely and collaboratively: GitHub, git-push/git-pull

This repository contains files for a workshop on Git; I have other materials floating around (such as on my wiki and my course websites.