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ClojureScript implementation of minesweeper
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ClojureScript Minesweeper

Minesweeper written in ClojureScript using reagent which uses React in the background.

Play the game here:

Run Application

lein cljsbuild once app
lein run

This serves the application on localhost:5555

Reading the Source

The source consists of 3 parts, src/clj, src/cljc, and src/cljs. Cljc is a way to write clojure so it can be included from both your clojure and your clojurescript code.

  • src/cljc/cljs_minesweeper/game.cljc
    This is the core game logic. It's written in cljc so it could be used for server rendering if we'd want to.

  • src/cljs/cljs_minesweeper/components.cljs
    Reagent components for rendering a game board

  • src/cljs/cljs_minesweeper/core.cljs
    Component for the game ui. Defines the actions (click, mark) to pass into the board component. Defines the main game state holder - A clojure atom. This has the same function as a redux store in this case.

  • src/clj/cljs_minesweeper/server.clj
    A standard ring server handler. This comes from the chestnut application template.

Running tests

ClojureScript tests are ran with

lein doo phantom test

Clojure tests are ran with

lein test


Open a terminal and type lein repl to start a Clojure REPL (interactive prompt).

In the REPL, type


The call to (run) starts the Figwheel server at port 3449, which takes care of live reloading ClojureScript code and CSS. Figwheel's server will also act as your app server, so requests are correctly forwarded to the http-handler you define.

Running (browser-repl) starts the Weasel REPL server, and drops you into a ClojureScript REPL. Evaluating expressions here will only work once you've loaded the page, so the browser can connect to Weasel.

When you see the line Successfully compiled "resources/public/app.js" in 21.36 seconds., you're ready to go. Browse to http://localhost:3449 and enjoy.

Attention: It is not needed to run lein figwheel separately. Instead we launch Figwheel directly from the REPL

Trying it out

If all is well you now have a browser window with a minesweeper game and a REPL prompt that looks like cljs.user=>.

Open resources/public/css/style.css and change some styling of the H1 element. Notice how it's updated instantly in the browser.


Start a repl in the context of your project with M-x cider-jack-in.

Switch to repl-buffer with C-c C-z and start web and figwheel servers with (run), and weasel server with (browser-repl). Load http://localhost:3449 on an external browser, which connects to weasel, and start evaluating cljs inside Cider.


Created with Chestnut 0.9.1 (3a675806).

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