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A Karma plugin. Preprocessor for Ember.js templates (handlebars).
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Preprocessor to compile handlebars templates for ember.js on the fly

For more information on Karma see the homepage.

Requires Karma 0.9+

To use this with karma, first you will need to install it with npm

npm install karma-ember-preprocessor

Next you need to create a configuration file using karma init

module.exports = function(karma) {
        basePath: 'js',

        files: [

        logLevel: karma.LOG_ERROR,
        browsers: ['PhantomJS'],
        singleRun: true,
        autoWatch: false,

        frameworks: ["qunit"],

        plugins: [

        preprocessors: {
            "**/*.handlebars": 'ember'

Processed templates will made available in Ember.TEMPLATES. For example:

templates/parent.hbs // => Ember.TEMPLATES['parent']
templates/parent/child.hbs // => Ember.TEMPLATES['parent/child']
templates/parent/child/index.hbs // => Ember.TEMPLATES['parent/child/index']
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