JUnit Spec XML Output violation? #9

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Hey ho,

I'm using the ng-scenario plugin with karma and this junit reporter plugin.
Also a xUnit Jenkins Plugin to collect test at the CI stage.

This is a example output of a testCase:

<testcase name="Elements of StartScreen (Shell view)" time="0.881" classname="Chrome 30.0.1599 (Mac OS X 10.9.0).(XXX-2271) Home Screen and Tab Navigation">
      <failure type="">element ....</failure>
      <failure type="">http://localhost:38080/base/test/e2e/shell/home.nav.e2e.js?1382963509000:19:16: Selector .main-menu-logo did not match any elements.

If you may noticed, there are two failures.
But Jenkins Error log always only shows the first failure.

So I took a look at the jUnit schema spec to check what is going wrong.

My Result: Only one element is valid, correct?

So the failing Code is in index.js:84

if (!result.success) {
      result.log.forEach(function(err) {
        spec.ele('failure', {type: ''}, formatError(err));

But also ng-scenario does emit's 2 errors.
So maybe there should be also a fix?
Just print one? Ignore all 1+n?

Rob :)

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