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Be able to dynamically modify the static html pages to force IE Browser modes #631

deanapeterson opened this Issue · 7 comments

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It would be nice to be able to open IE in it's different browser modes.

I was hoping to find a find a command line option to do that, but there is not. In lieu of that is it possible to dynamically set the following header in the static html pages?

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=[VERSION]">

Is this possible? or desired?


Nice idea!

Anybody willing to give it a try ?


Or we could set HTTP header.

How about this?
Laucher can pass URL params (it currently does id). It can pass "ie" param (such as ie=edge).
The web server, when serving index.html, will check that and set correct headers.

Then, you can configure multiple custom launchers - starting for instance multiple instances of IE11, each in different compatibility mode.


Http header would be much preferable to a meta tag. Switching via query string is a great idea. Presumably the default value would be edge?


@WickyNilliams yep, do would you like to give it a shot?


I'm not a node dev but I'm sure I could give it a go. Could you point at me files I should focus on? How generic do you think it should be? Should I be able to specify any HTTP headers to be sent?


I think this consist of two things:


This was already fixed via b9a2930 and karma-runner/karma-ie-launcher@052cf5c

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