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A collection of FoBo demos, articles and docs.
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Stories in Ready

Sandbox projects for FoBo demos/articles/tutorials.

  • fobo-angular-lift-roundtrips -- A Lift 3 round trip tutorial with FoBo, AngularJS and Slick.
  • fobo-lift-template-demo -- The main introduction to FoBo pages.
  • pimping-lift_advanced_bs4 -- A for demo purpose slightly pimped lift_advanced_bs4
  • pimping-lift_advanced_bs3 -- A for demo purpose slightly pimped lift_advanced_bs3
  • pimping-lift_advanced_md -- A lift template app using Angular Material Design
  • fobo-angular-sandbox -- sandbox for FoBo angular stuff (status: just some randome unmaintaned stuff)
  • fobo-bs3-sandbox -- A WIP FoBo bootstrap 3 demo/tutorial (status: just some random unmaintaned stuff)

Most of the demos above kan be seen running via links at FoBo Template Demo

Quick Start

The only prerequisites for running a FoBo demo example is that you have Git and Java installed and configured on the target computer. You don't need to use it but the project also includes Eclipse and IDEA plug-in for browsing and following/working with the code, see the [Scala IDE Support] section bellow.

  1. Clone this project

    git clone cd FoBo-Demo

  2. Start the sbt console There is also a sbt.bat for windows users so if you are on a windows machine just substitute the ./sbt command with sbt.bat.

  3. View and switch to sub project

     > projects  
     > project [sub project name as shown in list from the 'projects' command]
  4. Update & Start Jetty The following commands will update and fetch the projects dependencies then start the jetty server and load the lift application.


  5. Launch Your Browser Launch your favorite browser and type in the following address to bring up the application.


  6. Stop Jetty When you are done or wish to switch to another sub project (3 above) you can stop Jetty with


Scala IDE Support


Sbteclipse provides SBT command to create Eclipse project files

  1. Usage

To create a eclipse project containing one of the sbt sub projects:

project$ ./sbt
    > project [sub project name as shown in list from the 'projects' command]
> eclipse 

or if you wish to create a "one in all" eclispe project:

project$ ./sbt
> eclipse 
  1. In eclipse do:

    File ==> Import... Select General ==> Existing Project into Workspace Use "Browse" to look up the project root ....


sbt-idea provides a gen-idea command to SBT to generate IDEA project files

  1. Usage

    project$ ./sbt

    gen-idea no-classifiers

Or creating from a sub project project> ./sbt > project [sub project name as shown in list from the 'projects' command] > gen-idea no-classifiers

  1. In Intellij / IDEA do:

    File ==> Open... Select project root directory

For further information, see both the plugin docs on github and stackoverflow responses:
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