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FoBo - A Comprehensive Front-End Toolkit Module for Lift
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FoBo - Generic Front-End Toolkit Module for Lift

With this external/optional Lift module you can chose among some of the industry leading web-centric open source front-end toolkits and the modules own fobo mix. The module will also simultaneously support several versions of the included toolkits, making maintenance, upgrade and fall-back quick and easy and ultimately jazz up your Lift applications with the toolkit of your choice.

One of the convenience options this Lift module comes with is the fobo option, that is a love, peace and harmony mix of the Twitter Bootstrap and the ZURB/Foundation toolkits, This concert mix will give you the brilliance of bootstraps and its components and the awesomeness of foundation with its rock & roll solid reactive, mobile scalability.

Another benefit of using this module is the avalabilty of its included helper object:s and snippt:s (see API documents for usage) that will take care of some common toolkit initiation, component initiation and more. At this writing the helpers are few but as the module mature it will provide plenty of useful help functions see the demo for a teaser and potential. If you have ideas and suggestions let me know! contact me or add a issue and/or contribute a patch.

If you do not need the mix of these toolkits provided by the fobo setup option it is seemingly easy to setup and use any of the included toolkits separately. For a list on what toolkits and versions is supported see below.

A live demo of the use of this module including API documentation can be seen here and the github repo for the lift basic template (the demo) using this module can be found here.

As the preferred way to work with these toolkits is to leave the toolkit files untouched and use application specific css/js files for application specific tweaks and overrides moving the toolkits into a module is ideal and apart from the benefits outlined above, by using this module you will get a clean separation of the static toolkit files and your application specific resources as the module dose not cluttering your applications webapp resources directory.

After many years of Java EE development I started look at Scala/Lift in May 2011 so there may be some none "best practice" stuff in there and if you find something you think could be done in a more Scala/Lift fashion please let me know.

Improvements, contributions and suggestions are welcome! Leave a issue report or drop a question/suggestion to my priv. e-mail or on Lift's mailing list

best regards Peter Petersson

Toolkit:s and available versions

Current module version: 0.3.8-SNAPSHOT

This module includes the following toolkits versions

Module names that can bee used in boot corresponding to the toolkit version above is

  • FoBo010, FoBo020
  • Bootstrap140, Bootstrap200 (current default)
  • Foundation214, Foundation215
  • DataTables190
  • JQueryMobile101
  • JQuery164, JQuery171 (current default)
  • PrettifyJun2011
  • Knockout200

If you will be using the defaults FoBo.InitParam dose not need to be specified. For more information on how to set this up see below. Be aware that the defaults most likely will be changed between module updates so if you do not want any module update surprises set the FoBoInitParams in boot.

Quick Start

The only prerequisites for this Lift module is that you have Git and Java installed and configured on the target computer, a suitable Lift template project will also come in handy. You don't need to use it but this project also includes a Eclipse plug-in for browsing the code, see the Scala IDE section below.

Get the code

git clone git://
cd FoBo

Update, package & install

There is also a sbt*.bat for windows users.

./sbt clean update less compile package publish-local

The module should now be in your local ivy repository and available for your local projects

Integration into your project


Put the following in your project build.sbt files lift libraryDependencies section

"net.liftmodules" %% "fobo" % (liftVersion+"-[module version]")

now do a sbt clean update .....

Lift Bootstrap hook

Put the following into your lift Boot

import net.liftmodules.FoBo

//If using defaults FoBo init params can be omitted
FoBo.InitParam.JQuery=FoBo.[JQueryXX module option name]  
FoBo.InitParam.ToolKit=FoBo.[ToolkitXXX module option name]
FoBo.InitParam.ToolKit=FoBo.[ev. additional/extra toolkit module name]

Lift Template hooks

Put something like the following in your Lift templat(s) head section (see below for available names)

<link rel="stylesheet" type='text/css' href='/classpath/fobo/[css file name]'>  
<link rel="stylesheet" type='text/css' href='[path/to/you/app/specific/css/file/in/the/webapp/dir]'>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/classpath/fobo/[script file name]"></script>

Available CSS and JavaScript files

The following is a list of css file and script file-name:s available in each toolkit for used as [script/css file name] -hooks in your Lift templates.

FoBo Toolkit


Base css

  • fobo.css - (comprised of foundation,slightly modified bootstrap,orbit css)

Alternative separate orgin css files (do not mix orgin bootstrap and foundation on same page)

  • bootstrap.css
  • foundation.css
  • orbit.css
  • foundation-ie.css

All in one Script

  • bootstrap.js

Alternative separate script files

  • See bootstrap and foundation sections

Orbit script file

  • orbit.js

Bootstrap Toolkit


Base css file

  • bootstrap.css

Extra css files

  • bootstrap-responsive.css (only in 2.0.0)

All in one Script

  • bootstrap.js

Alternative separate script files

  • bootstrap-alerts.js (v1.4.0)
  • bootstrap-alert.js (v2.0.0)
  • bootstrap-buttons.js (v1.4.0)
  • bootstrap-button.js (v2.0.0)
  • bootstrap-carousel.js (v2.0.0)
  • bootstrap-collapse.js (v2.0.0)
  • bootstrap-dropdown.js
  • bootstrap-modal.js
  • bootstrap-popover.js
  • bootstrap-scrollspy.js
  • bootstrap-tabs.js (v1.4.0)
  • bootstrap-tab.js (v2.0.0)
  • bootstrap-twipsy.js (v1.4.0)
  • bootstrap-tooltip.js (v2.0.0)
  • bootstrap-transition.js (v2.0.0)
  • bootstrap-typeahead.js (v2.0.0)

Foundation Toolkit


Base css file

  • foundation.css

Extra css files

  • foundation-ie.css
  • orbit.css

Script files

  • foundation.js
  • (only in 2.1.5)
  • orbit.js

    JQuery Mobile Toolkit

Css files


Script files


JQuery Mobile Toolkit


Css files


Script files


DataTables JQuery-plugin


Css files

  • jquery.dataTables.css
  • jquery.dataTables_themeroller.css
  • AutoFill.css
  • ColReorder.css
  • ColVis.css
  • ColVisAlt.css
  • TableTools_JUI.css
  • TableTools.css

Script files

  • jquery.dataTables.js
  • AutoFill.js
  • ColReorder.js
  • ColVis.js
  • FixedColumns.js
  • FixedHeader.js
  • KeyTable.js
  • Scroller.js
  • TableTools.js
  • ZeroClipboard.js

Themes files

  • themes/smoothness.css
  • themes/ui-lightness.css

swf files

  • copy_cvs_xls_pdf.swf
  • copy_cvs_xls.swf

Google Code Prettify


Css files

  • prettify.css

Script files

  • prettify.js
  • lang-xxx.js where xxx=[apollo,clj,css,go,hs,listp,lua,ml,n,proto,scala,sql,tex,vb,vhdl,wiki,xq,yaml]



Script files

  • knockout.js

FoBo front-end toolkits documentation

The ZURB/Foundation and the Twitter Bootstrap and the JQuery Mobile links contains plenty of documentation so that will be your no.1 resources. There is also a fobo lift template/demo (more of a demo) project containing bootstrap and foundation and jquery mobile documentation. There are also separate foundation and bootstrap template demo projects in my github home.

Here is a couple of tips for you to make the most of the FoBoXXX toolkit option (Foundation/Bootstrap) mix.

1) The only place for using bootstraps container class (bo-container) would be in the topbar structure.
2) Make use of foundations reactive fluid mobile scalable grid system in favor for bootstrap grids. 

FoBo Bootstrap and Less

The FoBo module allows you to tweak your generated bootstrap.css (only available for bootstrap >= v2.0.0 via variables.less in src/main/less/bootstrap/[version]/ see bootstrap documentation for available tweaks.


This FoBo Lift module were written by Peter Petersson. The Lift Module conventions were developed by the Lift community.

Scala IDE for Eclipse

Sbteclipse provides SBT command to create Eclipse project files

1) Usage

project$ ./sbt
> eclipse 

2) In eclipse do:

File ==> Import...
Select General ==> Existing Project into Workspace 
Use "Brows" to look up the project root ....

User powered Lift module

(*) This is a unofficial user powered Lift module which means it is a work based on the sound foundation of Lift and done by a developer who uses Lift for development ;), sharing it with others.

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