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Transpose error

This is a stripped down example taken from [[1]] that will produce an "hard to locate" error when set-up to run with Lift 2.5-M1. The same code runs without any problem with Lift 2.4.

To reproduce the error (and/or make it run) follow the steps bellow.

1) Get the stack trace

Transpose-error$ ./sbt 
> compile
> last 

The Problem: The stack trace does not hint on the origin of the problem (in the project code) although you will be able to fix the problem from within the project code (in this case in code.snippet.Countries). The "insufficient information" (from user perspective) in the stack trace is from a user point of view the problem but the real problem seems to be with some implicit clash outside the "users code" in the project. In 2.4 the code worked without a added net.liftweb.record.MandatoryTypedField is call (via implicit), in 2.5-M1 without a explicit get or is call the code will not compile.

2) Make it run

Edit and change the last line in the render method in code.snippet.Countries from:

object Countries {
def render = { 
"* *" #> (


"* *" #> (