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A sample for creating a Lift mobile site, not yet complete
Java Scala
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Dynamic Template Invocation

This Scala/Lift basic assembly example demonstration dynamic template invocation by choosing between a fictional "mobile" and "full" surround template depending on some condition.
This is a fork originates from this discussion

Quick Start

The only prerequisites for running this Lift example is that you have Git and Java installed and configured on the target computer. You don't need to use it but the project also includes a Eclipse plug-in for browsing and following/working with the code, see the Scala IDE section.

1) Get the examples

git clone
cd mobile-sample

2) Update & Run Jetty

There is also a sbt.bat for windows users.

./sbt update ~container:start

3) Launch Your Browser


Scala IDE for Eclipse

Sbteclipse provides SBT command to create Eclipse project files

1) Usage

project$ ./sbt
> eclipse create-src

2) In eclipse do:

File ==> Import...
Select General ==> Existing Project into Workspace 
Use "Brows" to look up the project root ....
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