Commits on Jun 23, 2016
  1. [TEST] Add ensureGreen for IpRangeIT

    Resolves #18584
    dakrone committed Jun 23, 2016
  2. Fix block checks when no indices are specified (#19047)

    Global cluster blocks were not checked if an empty set of indices were passed as argument to the block checking method. This would lead to issues where some operations are already executed on a cluster before it has recovered its cluster state.
    ywelsch committed on GitHub Jun 23, 2016
  3. Update SHA for JNA dependency

    This commit updates the SHA for the JNA dependency. The JNA dependency
    was upgraded from version 4.1.0 to version 4.2.2 in commit
    7f10174 but the SHA was not updated.
    jasontedor committed Jun 23, 2016
  4. docs: removed obsolete information, percolator queries are not longer…

    … loaded into jvm heap memory.
    martijnvg committed Jun 23, 2016
  5. Upgrade JNA to 4.2.2 and remove optionality

    This commit upgrades JNA from version 4.1.0 to 4.2.2. Additionally, this
    dependency is now non-optional as JNA is dual-licensed with Apache
    License 2.0 since JNA 4.0.0.
    Relates #19045
    jasontedor committed on GitHub Jun 23, 2016
  6. [TEST] Increase timeouts for Rest test client (#19042)

    Some Rest / Doc tests were running into the default socket timeout of 10 seconds.
    ywelsch committed on GitHub Jun 23, 2016
  7. Merge pull request #19022 from rmuir/loopCounter

    Fix disabled loop counter
    rmuir committed on GitHub Jun 23, 2016
  8. Update migrate_5_0.asciidoc

    Updated breaking changes to state that upgraded indices still need to be reindexed,
    and to mention the migration plugin
    clintongormley committed on GitHub Jun 23, 2016
  9. Add ThreadLeakLingering option to Rest client tests

    Some Rest tests use the Sun HTTP server which has lingering threads after shutdown. Similar to ESTestCase, this adds an
    option to wait 5 seconds for these threads to terminate.
    ywelsch committed Jun 23, 2016
  10. Add a MultiTermAwareComponent marker interface to analysis factories. #…

    This is the same as what Lucene does for its analysis factories, and we hawe
    tests that make sure that the elasticsearch factories are in sync with
    Lucene's. This is a first step to move forward on #9978 and #18064.
    jpountz committed Jun 22, 2016
  11. Attempt at fixing IndexStatsIT.testFilterCacheStats.

    I suspect recent failures are due to the fact that the cache disables itself
    when there is contention. This runs assertions in an assertBusy block since
    they should eventually succeed.
    jpountz committed Jun 23, 2016
  12. Fix docs build.

    jpountz committed Jun 23, 2016
  13. Move templates out of the Search API, into lang-mustache module

    This commit moves template support out of the Search API to its own dedicated Search Template API in the lang-mustache module. It provides a new SearchTemplateAction that can be used to render templates before it gets delegated to the usual Search API. The current REST endpoint are identical, but the Render Search Template endpoint now uses the same Search Template API with a new "simulate" option. When this option is enabled, the Search Template API only renders template and returns immediatly, without executing the search.
    Closes #17906
    tlrx committed Jun 7, 2016
  14. revert - Inline reroute with process of node join/master election (#1…

    There are secondary issues with async shard fetch going out to nodes before they have a cluster state published to them that need to be solved first. For example:
    - async fetch uses transport node action that resolves nodes based on the cluster state (but it's not yet exposed by ClusterService since we inline the reroute)
    - after disruption nodes will respond with an allocated shard (they didn't clean up their shards yet) which throws of decisions master side.
    - nodes deed the index meta data in question but they may not have if they didn't recieve the latest CS
    bleskes committed Jun 23, 2016
Commits on Jun 22, 2016
  1. Merge pull request #18981 from elastic/doc/ingest-foreach

    Wrong name for values field
    dadoonet committed on GitHub Jun 22, 2016
  2. Merge pull request #18914 from mikemccand/node_info_indexing_buffer

    Add total_indexing_buffer/_in_bytes to nodes info API
    mikemccand committed on GitHub Jun 22, 2016
  3. merge master

    mikemccand committed Jun 22, 2016
  4. Build valid slices in SearchSourceBuilderTests

    The test had a 1 in 500 chance of building and invalid slice.
    nik9000 committed Jun 22, 2016
  5. Docs: Convert aggs/misc to CONSOLE

    They should be more readable and tested during the build.
    nik9000 committed Jun 21, 2016
  6. Docs: migration notes for _timestamp and _ttl

    We aren't able to actually create an index with _timestamp enabled
    to test the migration, or, at least, we won't be able to after #18980
    is re-merged. But the docs are still ok.
    Closes #19007
    nik9000 committed Jun 21, 2016
  7. Group client projects under :client

    :client ---------> :client:rest
    :client-sniffer -> :client:sniffer
    :client-test ----> :client:test
    This lines the client up with how we do things like modules and
    nik9000 committed Jun 22, 2016
  8. Merge pull request #19030 from javanna/test/client-test

    [TEST] Add client-test module and make client tests use randomized runner directly
    javanna committed on GitHub Jun 22, 2016
  9. [TEST] Add client-test module and make client tests use randomized ru…

    …nner directly
    The lucene-test dependency caused issues with IDEs as they would always load the lucene 5 jar although they shouldn't have, which caused jarhell in es core tests.
    If we depend directly on randomized runner we don't have this problem. It is luckily still compatible with java 1.7. This requires though adding a thin module that includes the base test class which can be shared between client and client-sniffer.
    javanna committed with javanna Jun 22, 2016
  10. Move upgrade test to upgrade from version 2.3.3

    This commit moves the upgrade test to test upgrading from version 2.3.3
    instead of from version 2.0.0.
    Relates #19029
    jasontedor committed on GitHub Jun 22, 2016
  11. Fail to start if plugin tries broken onModule

    If a plugin declares `onModule(SomethingThatIsntAModule)` then refuse
    to start. Before this commit we just logged a warning that flies by in
    the console and is easy to miss. You can't miss refusing to start!
    nik9000 committed Jun 22, 2016
  12. Remove duplicated read byte array methods

    This commit removes duplicated methods for reading byte arrays in
    StreamInput. One method would read a byte array by repeatedly calling
    StreamInput#readByte in a loop, and the other would just call
    StreamInput#readBytes. In this commit, we remove the former.
    Relates #19023
    jasontedor committed on GitHub Jun 22, 2016
  13. Merge pull request #18992 from jimferenczi/fields_rename

    Rename `fields` to `stored_fields` and add `docvalue_fields`
    jimczi committed on GitHub Jun 22, 2016
  14. Rename `fields` to `stored_fields` and add `docvalue_fields`

    `stored_fields` parameter will no longer try to retrieve fields from the _source but will only return stored fields.
    `fields` will throw an exception if the user uses it.
    Add `docvalue_fields` as an adjunct to `fielddata_fields` which is deprecated. `docvalue_fields` will try to load the value from the docvalue and fallback to fielddata cache if docvalues are not enabled on that field.
    Closes #18943
    jimczi committed Jun 21, 2016
  15. merge master

    mikemccand committed Jun 22, 2016
  16. don't include indexing buffer in cluster stats; randomize indexing bu…

    …ffer in NodeInfoStreamingTests; add @Nullable annotation
    mikemccand committed Jun 22, 2016
  17. Merge pull request #19016 from jasontedor/hot-methods-redux

    Hot methods redux
    jasontedor committed on GitHub Jun 22, 2016