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Demo of Distributed Features for Webexpo 2011
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A Standup Sketch Involving Three ElasticSearch Nodes, Two Computers and One iPhone

This is a script for a live demo of ElasticSearch's clustering capabilities on a conference, workshop, user group meetup, etc. It should take about 5 minutes to setup and 15 minutes to perform.

The Setup

Terminal: tab for each node.


  1. TAB1: Bigdesk
  2. TAB2: Count docs
  3. TAB3: Search

The Script

[LUKÁŠ] Start node 1
        Start node 2
        Bigdesk, inspect state

[KARMI] Start node 3

[LUKÁŠ] Bigdesk, show nodes

[KARMI] Setup index (shards = 3, replicas=0)
        Import 90,000 documents

[LUKÁŠ] Bigdesk, show CPU spike, etc
        Count documents (90,000)

[LUKÁŠ] Kill node 2
        Bigdesk, health is _red_
        Count documents (~ 60,000)
        (We are missing data, but the cluster is operational)

[KARMI] Index new document, `{"title" : "Hello Red Cluster!"}`

[LUKÁŠ] Search for the newly added document, "hello"

[LUKÁŠ] Start node 2
        Bigdesk, health is _green_

[KARMI] Increase `number_of_replicas` to 1

... wait for relocation ...

[LUKÁŠ] Bigdesk, show cluster state, CPU spikes, etc

[LUKÁŠ] Kill node 2
        Bigdesk, cluster health is still _green_

[KARMI] Kill node 3

[LUKÁŠ] Bigdesk, yellow
        Count, 90,000
        Search document "hello"
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