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Shouldn't Collection.to_ary() return an array? #432

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Slightly pedantic, but shouldn't to_ary() itself be returning Array or a subclass of Array? (to_a() does the job of converting to array, but I wasn't expecting to_ary() to return self.)


Hmm, good question. Not sure myself :) It just returns the collection, which is Enumerable-based/compatible, basically just because Rails calls to_ary in views, as far as I remember. It could probably return the underlying @results. Fancy a test case / run withing Rails?


The ActionView::PartialRenderer#collection calls to_ary when you render :collection => @results. I think it's safer here to return the wrapper, not the raw results array in case we need to decorate that. Also, don't have time to test it extensively in real-world apps.

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Brandon Istenes [FIX] Make Tire::Results::Collection#to_ary return an Array
Closes #718, closes #432
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