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This repository

Welcome to the Tire wiki! It is dedicated to share snippets, recipes, workarounds, etc. for everybody working or playing with Tire.

Feel free to create pages and add content. We'll see how to organize stuff once there's stuff to organize.

List of projects Powered-By-Tire.

Data storage in Tire and wrapping the results, a write-up on how to wrap your elasticsearch results in a custom wrapper, instead of the standard one.

Using Tire with Draper

Using elasticsearch query DSL directly (or: doing queries not supported by the DSL)

Couchdb River using Tire and CouchRest::Model

Integration Testing Rails Models with Tire

How to work with locations (geo) in Tire

Pagination using the DSL

Troubleshooting RSpec issues

How to test ElasticSearch in a Rails application

Sorting Results

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