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Test-Driven Development in Ruby by Numbers

A code tutorial to demonstrate test-first (or test-driven) in Ruby step-by-step. The steps are saved into Git branches and commit messages contain some additional information. This should accompany an article I probably never will got to write :)

The Assignment

The assignment is the most simple one: Write utility method to convert numerals (like 1) to number names (like 'two')

The Workflow

There are Rake tasks provided for easy stepping through the tutorial.

To start (checkout step branches and switch to step one), just type:

$ rake start

To switch to next step, type:

$ rake step


  • Ruby
  • Rubygems
  • Git 1.6.4
  • Shoulda gem ($ gem install Shoulda)
  • Optionally, RedGreen gem for colored test output (gem install redgreen)
  • Optionally, Term::ANSIColor gem for colored Rake output (gem install term-ansicolor)


Copyright (c) 2009 Karel Minarik [karmi]. Released under MIT license.

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