Additions and extensions for the Tire gem
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Tire Contributed Components

Extension, additions, other utilities for the Tire Rubygem for ElasticSearch.

Add this to your Gemfile:

gem 'tire-contrib'

Then require the component you want to use in your application initializer. For example:

require 'tire/rails/logger'

See specific files and folders inside the lib/tire folder for instructions and documentation.

Dynamic Persistence

Adds support for dynamic attributes when using Tire::Model::Persistence so that model properties no longer need to be declared explicitly. More info.

More Like This Queries

Adds support for “more like this” queries.

Fuzzy Like This Queries

Adds support for “fuzzy like this” queries.

Custom Filters Score

Adds support for “custom filters score” queries.

Rails Logger

Adds support for displaying Tire related statistics in the Rails' log.


Adds support for namespace all Index's of an Application

Karel Minarik and contributors