Tutorial Ruby on Rails application (similar to www.tadalist.com) coded live on workshops. Development steps can be reconstructed from commits.
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Tutorial application live-coded at Ruby on Rails workshops by Karel Minarik (karmi@karmi.cz).

Basically a clone of classic TadaList (www.tadalist.com/), offering similar functionality:

  • Managing tasks

  • Grouping tasks into projects (Project has_many :tasks )

  • Ajax interactivity for toggling state of tasks

  • Atom feed for recently completed tasks

  • Contains basic functional and unit tests


The application has very, very simple set of features, but enables to teach effective Rails development and practices.

You start from generated, scaffolded Rails application, and continually enhance the presentation layer, add associations, add Ajax interactivity, add Atom syndication and write finally tests.


Application is constructed in small steps from blank, generated Rails application, every step is commited into Git.

You can check diffs for the important steps in Git tags.

Development takes about 4-5 hours in real time workshop.


See www.karmi.cz/#ruby-on-rails-workshops for information about the workshops (in Czech).