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Automate creation of Relevance pairhost EC2 instances.

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Manage EC2 instances for remote pairing the style that Relevance prefers.

How to Use

gem install pairhost
pairhost init
# edit ~/.pairhost/config.yml to use your real EC2 & AMI settings

pairhost create "My Cool Pairhost"
pairhost status
pairhost ssh

# down, stop, halt are all aliases
pairhost down

# resume will start a down pairhost
pairhost resume

# up will resume a down pairhost, but if none will create one
pairhost up

# ssh will resume a down pairhost, then SSH to it
pairhost ssh

# all future commands will affect the given instance
pairhost attach instance-id

# destroy and terminate are aliases
pairhost destroy
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