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About repository

Yeah, this is yet another gentoo overlay. It includes only ebuilds for software I'm using:

  • ebuilds modified by me,
  • patches - fixes and/or modifications done by me or someone else,
  • new versions, which doesn't have official ebuild

Packages in repository

  • app-office/libreoffice-bin - Official RPMs from LO's server
  • app-office/libreoffice-l10n - Language pack with matching version
  • app-officeext/languagetool - Style and Grammar Checker for LibreOffice
  • media-fonts/croscorefonts - Arimo, Cousine, Timos fonts metrically compatible with MS corefonts
  • media-fonts/crosextrafonts - Caladea font
  • media-fonts/crosextrafonts-carlito - Carlito font
  • media-fonts/source-pro - Adobe's open source typeface family (Serif, Sans and Code variants)
  • media-gfx/XnViewMP - powerful media browser, viewer and converter
  • media-gfx/yEd - Graph editor
  • net-misc/r8101 - Driver for Realtek 810x/840x based PCI-E/PCI Ethernet Cards (PCI_ID 10ec:8136)
  • net-print/brother-dcp-j315w-drivers - DCP-J315W LPR+cupswrapper drivers
  • sys-power/pm-utils - official ebuild + patch for TuxOnIce power method
  • www-client/firefox - ebuilds for beta versions, mostly the same as in Mozilla Overlay, but with linguas support
  • x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers - nVidia Legacy Drivers with patches for newer kernels
  • x11-themes/natural-gentoo - nice Fbcondecor theme

Adding the Overlay

To add this overlay to a Gentoo system, run the following command:

layman -a c2p-overlay

You must have both dev-vcs/git and app-portage/layman installed on your system for this to work.

Bug reporting

Please file bug reports for ebuilds in the portage tree in the Gentoo bug tracker and bug reports for ebuilds in this overlay on github.


Yet another personal gentoo overlay



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