Yet another personal gentoo overlay
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app-office [app-office/libreoffice-bin] Added new version Nov 26, 2016
app-officeext/languagetool [app-office/libreoffice-bin] Added new version. Ebuilds are masked by… Oct 7, 2016
dev-python/qscintilla-python dev-python/qscintilla-python: Fix dependecies Jan 21, 2017
eclass www-client/firefox: eclass changes Feb 6, 2017
kde-apps/kmix [kde-apps/kmix] Fix automagic dep on alsa. Jul 25, 2015
licenses [media-gfx/xnviewmp] New version Oct 4, 2016
media-fonts [media-fonts/crosextrafonts] Add fontconfig .conf file for font subst… Aug 7, 2016
media-gfx media-gfx/xnviewmp: Version bump to 0.84 Jan 28, 2017
media-video/nvidia-settings Added subslot for nvidia-drivers Oct 6, 2015
metadata Modernize metadata/layout.conf Apr 27, 2016
net-misc/r8101 [net-misc/r8101] Version bump Nov 1, 2016
net-print/brother-dcp-j315w-drivers [net-print/brother-dcp-j315w-drivers] Fix homepage url Feb 21, 2015
profiles Added app-office/libreoffice-l10n Oct 26, 2016
sci-electronics/fritzing [sci-electronics/fritzing] Use INSTALL_ROOT instead of PREFIX Dec 30, 2015
sci-geosciences/qgis [sci-geosciences/qgis] Remove old ebuilds Nov 29, 2016
sys-power/pm-utils Added 'sys-power/pm-utils' with patch for TuxOnIce power method Sep 23, 2015
www-client/firefox www-client/firefox: new beta version (52.0b7) Feb 17, 2017
x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers [x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers] Add missing files Jan 17, 2016
x11-libs/qscintilla Added qscintilla and qscintilla-python with support for Qt4/5 Jan 21, 2017
x11-themes/natural-gentoo [x11-themes/natural-gentoo] New ebuild from… Jun 21, 2015 Update overlay adding instruction - overlay added to official list May 16, 2015
c2p-overlay.xml Updated overlay info Feb 17, 2015

Yeah, this is yet another gentoo overlay. It includes only ebuilds for software I'm using:

  • ebuilds modified by me,
  • patches - fixes and/or modifications done by me or someone else,
  • new versions, which doesn't have official ebuild

To add this overlay to a Gentoo system, run the following command:

layman -a c2p-overlay

You must have both dev-vcs/git and app-portage/layman installed on your system for this to work.

Please file bug reports for ebuilds in the portage tree in the Gentoo bug tracker and bug reports for ebuilds in this overlay on github.