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Client-side for tic-tac-wtf game
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A real-time two-player game. Tic-tac-toe, but approximately 8 times as challenging.

How to play?

There are 16 blocks you can place on the board. Think of them like and ⭕, but each of them can be classified by:

  • shape - square or round
  • color - red or blue
  • size - small or big
  • hole - solid or with hole

available blocks

The game alternates between two stages:

  • pick one of the available blocks (you can only use every block once)
  • place down the block you received from your opponent

The game ends when there are no more moves, or when either of the players spots four blocks with the same trait forming a straight line.

Example winning sequences:

winning sequence no 1 winning sequence no 2 winning sequence no 3


  • minimal, responsive design
  • quick join url links
  • dark mode 🌙
  • PWA support


pick the block for your opponent picking the block winning dialog you won


I do not own the original idea in any way. The original game is called Quarto and you can find info about it here.

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