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Simple Baseline Segmenting Lane Markers

Code is provided for a simple training of a fully convolutional network in tensorflow. The tfrecords should be created using the functionality of the deeplab folder (or your own implementation).


Once the tfrecords are created, train_binary allows to start training a binary classifier using only the paths to the tfrecords for training and validation. It is only meant to be a starting point but does train an already useful classifier.


The model is trained on crops of the original images without any data augmentation or explicitly training on the validation set. Results are available on the official leadboard for binary segmentation and lane dependent segmentation.

The binary segmentation was trained on grayscale inputs while the multi-class segmentation additionally included gradient images for location information since the simplistic network only has a small region of view.


The output of the baseline approaches are visualized after the dataset samples as part of this Youtube video.

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