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creates static libraries out of binary files so that the data can be used inside the application

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DataLibraryCreator is a tool to convert any binary file to a static library with two exported symbols, that can be linked to your application so that you can access the binary file's data via the exported symbols. The exported symbols are a pointer to the bytes and a variable containing the size of the binary data.


DataLibraryCreator -s inputFile -n symbolName -o dataLib.a

that reads the input file and creates the symbols "symbolName" and "symbolName_size". You can then link to the dataLib.a in your project.


The tricky part is to create the object file that contains the binary data. This is done using the assembler "as" and letting it create a space of enough bytes with a certain byte as placeholder. This placeholder is then searched and replaced with the binary data. Creating a static library from the object file is done using Libtool.

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