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The Official 3DGE 64 Project Portal
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The Official 3DGE 64 Project Portal

:3DGE 64 Documentation:

Welcome to the 3DGE 64 Documentation. This context contains general information regarding the engine, the mod, and objects in the game world. As time goes on, this file will continue to be updated.

About this Mod

3DGE 64 began in 2015 and was created for 3DGE version 1.36 Final. A single-level demo was released early that following year in March. During 2015-2016, the demo received more work behind scenes such as more levels though eventually scrapped along with several sprites and assets reducted to simple replacements. Brand new levels were created in place of older ones including geometry tweaks to the 2015 demonstration map.


Can you get all of the weapons, including the Unmaker? The Unmaker is included in the game arsenal. You must collect 3 Pentagrams to unlock the full power of the weapon. The new weapons introduced in version 1.2 (2016) were removed and will return in the upcoming version 1.4 package.

Do you fight the Motherdemon? This cannot be said for sure. The communications tower near the monster's nest went down.

How do you acquire the Plasma Rifle on MAP01? There are four green computer terminals located throughout the installation. Press use while facing the terminals to examine them. When all four terminals have been examined, a switch hidden in a maintenance chamber will be revealed. Pressing the switch allows access to the Plasma Rifle. :)

What makes 3DGE 64 different than any other Doom 64 mod out there? This mod comes with its own universe and renditions in style of Doom 64. The maps are all created from scratch, and have the feel of a Doom 64 expansion. The mod also gives players of EDGE community fun variety of flavor for them to try at their leisure. A note to a nice community of developers :) While you won't find corners wrecked with gore, or familiar layouts you can dash through - you can expect to at best enjoy this expansion alone or with a friend in splitscreen mode!

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