Fork of Etherpad Opensource application. With some fixes. Imports and Exports (with file conversion) patched.
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Karteek's Etherpad Fork


  • Etherpad source from Etherpad Google Code repository
  • Some minor fixes/changes here and there
  • integration for file exports and file imports from DOC/RTF format
  • Commented code for File imports due to license restrictions

How to

  1. Grab the code from github $ git clone git://
  2. Set up the environment in and source the file. The settings inside are from my MBP. Do update them to meet your machine's settings. $ source
  3. Create a database "etherpad", add a user "etherpad" with password "password" on a MySQL database server. Grant all privileges for on database etherpad to etherpad@localhost
  4. Update etherpad.SQL_JDBC_URL, etherpad.SQL_USERNAME, etherpad.SQL_PASSWORD and etherpad.adminPass in the file "etherpad/etc/"
  5. Change dir to etherpad, compile the jar and start the server $ cd etherpad $ bin/ $ bin/
  6. You are done. Visit http://localhost:9000 to check your instance

How to Enable File Imports

  1. File Imports depend on cos.jar - com.oreilly.servlet
  2. Do read the license
  3. Even now, if you want to continue with imports just apply this gist or
    • Download cos.jar from the site and copy it to infrastructure/lib folder
    • In infrastructure folder, find out the files, where imports functionality is commented $ grep -R "REMOVED_COS_OF_COS" *
    • Uncomment and recompile JAR

How to Enable Exports

  1. Make sure that there is a "etherpad.soffice" entry in the file "etherpad/etc/"
  2. You need to be running on your machine as service. It usually on linux is $ /path/to/openoffice/program/soffice.bin -headless -nofirststartwizard -accept="socket,host=localhost,port=8100;urp;StarOffice.Service"
  3. Check the file "infrastructure/com.etherpad.openofficeservice/importexport.scala" for more info

How to deploy the same on

  1. Edit your dns and point * to the same server where resides
  2. Make sure that your SMTP is working
  3. Open etherpad/src/main.js, and update domain in line #273
  4. Open etherpad/src/etherpad/globals.js and change the domain in variable SUPERDOMAINS found at line #30
  5. Open etherpad/src/static/crossdomain.xml and add your domain to crossdomains.xml
  6. Look into the src folder and update your domain where is used (especially emails) $ grep -ir "" * and update domain in all the files.
  7. Open etherpad/etc/ and update
    • devMode to false
    • etherpad.isProduction to true
    • listen to and change passwords too.
  8. Now start the server. You will need root access on OS X to bind to ports < 1000. $ bin/

How to do the same on but with a reverse proxy on Apache

  1. Do steps 1 thru 7 in above. But dont update listen as told in 7, rather update listen to, and set hidePorts to true
  2. Create a vhost entry. It might look like this gist
  3. Restart apache, and things should work

Other applied patches