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Prometheus + Kubernetes demo

Step 1: Deploy

Helm is the easiest way to do this. Check out

We can run helm install stable/prometheus to get the stock prometheus server.

In this case, we will run: helm install stable/prometheus --name prom-demo -f values.yaml to use our custom yaml.

Step 2: See it running

Running minikube service prom-demo-prometheus-server will bring up the browser with prometheus server running.

Step 3: Check out Kubernetes stats

Check out kube_pod_status_phase to see our all our pods running.

Step 4: Prometheus operators

More info here: but you can use the query language to clean up the data point we looked at above.

sum(kube_pod_status_phase) by (phase) will return the set of pods that are running grouped by their phases.

Step 5: Check out node information

The node exporter gives you node relative information as well like CPU/disk usage etc.

Run count(node_cpu{mode="system", instance=""}) will return the cpu count which should match the number of CPU's in kubectl describe nodes

Step 6: App metrics

  1. Run the app: kubectl apply -f twelve-clouds.yaml
  2. Visit the app after it's deployed: minikube service twelve-clouds-service
  3. You'll see the /metrics endpoint with go stats
  4. Visit the /hello endpoint 2 times.
  5. You'll see a new "hello_calls" metric in the dashboard