Sets up configuration files for binder for a R package or compendium.
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Hole punch


⚠ This package is currently just a proof of concept for turning a R project (package or compendium) more binder friendly. There is a lot of spaghetti code that needs to be cleaned up but I hope to make that happen soon.

This helper R package is designed to make your R project or compendium binder ready. It provides some very simple functionality to:

  • write_compendium_description and get_dependencies Create a description file in case this isn't a package
  • write_dockerfile Writes out a Dockerfile that is binderhub ready
  • build_binder Kicks off a binder build
  • generate_badge And adds a badge with a Rstudio endpoint

A few different ways to approach the setup

Using install.R and runtime.txt is the easiest way but also the slowest because you have to build an image from scratch. If you require tidyverse, this step can take hours.

Instead, I recommend using a rocker base (one that already contains Jupyter bits required to make this all work). Rocker has a binder base, so rocker:binder/latest should work for most people. Rocker/binder already has tidyverse, Rstudio and many other commonly used packages ready to go. With this approach, you'll just have to install a few more packages listed in your DESCRIPTION file and you'll be good to go in minutes.

Why I think the DESCRIPTION + Dockerfile approach is best


  • For non Docker users, they can just devools::install_deps the DESCRIPTION file and be good to go.
  • For Docker users not interested in binder, the Dockerfile will allow then to launch a container and run the code. The Binder elements will not stand in the way.
  • For binder users, the combination of these two files makes for a fast and advanced setup to be up and running in minutes.

I'm not sure this logic is entirely correct so feedback and corrections most welcome.