Learn how to use markdown for science
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Markdown for scientific writing

Markdown is a fantastic and minimalist tool for authoring scientific documents. This repository is a collection of tools, resources, and tutorials to simplfy your workflow. If you spend a little time going through the tutorials you'll be able to stop using Microsoft Word entirely and write clean, lightweight markdown files that can easily be version controlled by git. Collaboration with your coauthors would also become way more powerful and simpler.

Copying this repo

If you have git installed, simply clone this repo and you'll have a full set of examples to work with. Otherwise just hit the zip button at the top to download a copy.

git clone https://github.com/karthik/markdown_science.git


A full set of documentation is slowly coming together in the wiki. Feel free to contribute. If you have ideas for examples, add them to the repo and send in a pull request.