This project can be used to maintain a todo list, which is managed using a console based application
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to-do list

This is just a pet project of mine in Ruby. That's because this is my
first large-scale project in Ruby! This project can be used to maintain a
to-do list, which is managed using a console based application.

Assuming your current directory is "lib", you can run the application by
issuing the following command:

> ruby main.rb

This is more or less like the shell where in you can enter commands like the following

list                 list all | [category_name]
add                  add "task_name" ["category_name"]
mark                 mark task_id
unmark               unmark task_id
delete               delete [task_id]

[..] implies that this parameter is optional. task_id is an integer that is listed
when you issue the "list" command. Thus, this is like an interpreter ran by an interpreter :)

A quick note about tests - these tests were created using netbeans ide 6.9.1.
It should work in netbeans ide without any change. So in case you are trying to
run the tests using ruby command line, you may have to do some changes. The
source files should work just as-is. i.e. after copying to a folder say
"todo-list", you should be able to go to the directory where you have
main.rb and execute it using the command above.

Author: karthik ananthapadmanaban