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Naam Tamilar Anti Corruption Call Center - Agni Siragugal

GSM modem module for Python


python-gsmmodem is a module that allows easy control of a GSM modem attached to the system. It also includes a couple of useful commandline utilities for interacting with a GSM modem.

Its features include:

  • simple methods for sending SMS messages, checking signal level, etc
  • easy-to-use API for starting and responding to USSD sessions and making voice calls
  • handling incoming phone calls and received SMS messages via callback methods
  • support for SMS PDU and text mode
  • support for tracking SMS status reports
  • wraps AT command errors into Python exceptions by default
  • modular design; you easily issue your own AT commands to the modem (with error checking), or read/write directly from/to the modem if you prefer
  • comprehensive test suite

Bundled utilities:

  • GSMTerm: an easy-to-use serial terminal for communicating with an attached GSM modem. It features command completion, built-in help for many AT commands, history, context-aware prompt, etc.
  • a simple command line script to send SMS messages
  • simple utility to identify attached modem. Can also be used to provide debug information used for development of python-gsmmodem.


  • Python 2.6 or later
  • pyserial

How to install this package

There are two ways to install python-gsmmodem:

Automatic installation


    pip install python-gsmmodem

`pip <>`_ will automatically download and install
all dependencies, as required. You can also utilise ``easy_install`` in the
same manner as using ``pip`` above.  

If you are utilising ``python-gsmmodem`` as part of another project,
add it to your ``install_requires`` section of your ```` file and
upon your project's installation, it will be pulled in automatically.

Manual installation

Download and extract the ``python-gsmmodem`` archive from `PyPI
<>`_ for the current release
version, or clone from `GitHub <>`_.
Next, do this::

    python install

Note that ``python-gsmmodem`` relies on ``pyserial`` for serial communications:

Testing the package

.. |Build Status| image::
.. _Build Status:

.. |Coverage Status| image::
.. _Coverage Status:

|Build Status|_ |Coverage Status|_

To run all unit tests, do::

    python test

Unit test code coverage information may be generated by using `coverage
<>`_. You can execute it directly from by doing::

    python coverage

This will run all unit tests and report on code coverage statistics.

License information

Copyright (C) 2017 Alagappan Karthikeyan  -
See AUTHORS for all authors and contact information. 

License: GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3 or later; see COPYING
         included in this archive for details.
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