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0.3 / 2013-03-27

  • Update version to 0.3.
  • Only throttle when saving styles to local storage. Let updates to style tag go through for quick previewing.
  • Make styles !important to prevent site's stylesheet for overriding.
  • Automatically fill in selector by alt + clicking element.
  • Save CSS less frequently. Handle change event so copy-pasting saves CSS.
  • Maintain editor's left-to-right direction even on right-to-left websites.

0.2 / 2013-03-27

  • Update README with new shortcut.
  • Update extension version to 0.2.
  • Switch shortcut to control + m for Windows support.

0.1 / 2013-03-27

  • Remove Chrome extension file (.crx) in favor of the Chrome web store.
  • Add installation instructions.
  • Improve README usage instructions.
  • Move extension files into separate directory. Generate packed extension.
  • Fix typo in README.
  • Add further usage instructions to README.
  • Add help message.
  • Factor out constants. Add further documentation.
  • Run script at document_start to provide snappier CSS injection.
  • Initial commit.
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