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1.0.7 / 2013-01-18

  • Use correct configuration file for minify command (fix typo).
  • Fix tests to account for latest version of jade.

1.0.6 / 2012-12-26

  • Use latest jade, stylus, and coffee-script versions.

1.0.5 / 2012-12-22

  • Freeze q at version 0.8.10 to prevent deprecation errors.

1.0.4 / 2012-11-23

  • Fix compilation output bug that doesn't properly create subdirectories when running compile with both the -o and -r options.
  • Add output option to serve command when using the -c/--compile flag. Addresses issue #29.

1.0.3 / 2012-11-09

  • Switch q.end() to q.done() to support new version.

1.0.2 / 2012-11-06

  • Fix q at version 0.8.9. Addresses #28.
  • Fix typo in README.

1.0.1 / 2012-10-22

  • Update consolidate-build to allow for CoffeeScript compiler options.
  • Add output option to compile command.
  • Make compiler options extension-specific.
  • Correct stale comment.
  • Fix deferred bug in determining which files to compile.
  • Add line breaks to README.

1.0.0 / 2012-10-04

  • Use auto-discovery mode for socket connection to allow live reloading on mobile.
  • Add options for compilation by means of the compilerOptions parameter. Addresses issue #21.
  • Enable configuration files for commands. These are located at .nf/[command].(json|yml|yaml) anywhere in the directory tree.
  • Display compile dependencies using a relative path.
  • Make compilation errors more descriptive. Addresses issue #19.
  • When run with no arguments, fix bug in printing help due to new commander dependency. Addresses issue #18.
  • Switch commander dependency from git repository to package in npm.
  • Disable logging. Addresses issue #17.
  • Change generic file names in tests to expected and actual for clarity.
  • Make line endings consistent for tests.
  • Cut down on size of fetch resources. Switch to node-zip library.
  • Reduce size of resources to speed up tests and allow for displaying differences. Addresses issue #16.
  • Make versions more flexible, especially for development dependencies. Addresses issue #15.
  • Replace Makefile with npm commands for more OS compatibility.
  • Add tests for compile watch mode.
  • Split compile serve and live mode to separate serve command. Add zombie.js tests for live mode.

0.1.1 / 2012-08-19

  • Make index.html short URLs end with a slash, as they represent directories.
  • Make compile live mode work with index.html files. Addresses issue #10.

0.1.0 / 2012-08-17

  • Use consolidate-build to support a variety of templating/built languages. Addresses issue #6.

0.0.8 / 2012-08-15

  • Add markdown support information to the README. Addresses issue #9.
  • Serve index.html files when visiting the containing directory for compile serve/live mode. Addresses issue #8.
  • Make nodefront print help when run with no arguments. Rename compile -h option to not conflict with help. Addresses issue #7.

0.0.7 / 2012-08-14

  • Fix bug that prevents setting port number for compile live mode. Addresses issue #5.
  • Update preferred method of upgrading nodefront in README.

0.0.6 / 2012-08-11

  • Add hostname option to compile command.

0.0.5 / 2012-08-09

  • Catch compilation errors to prevent crashes. Addresses issue #2.

0.0.4 / 2012-08-08

  • Add support to compile CoffeeScript. Addresses issue #1.
  • Display cleaner relative paths.
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