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A statically-typed, functional language focused on usability.
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This repository contains the source code for the Par compiler and standard libraries. If you're looking for tutorials, documentation, installation instructions, etc. please refer to the Par website.


If you'd like to contribute, let us know in our Gitter channel! There are many ways to help out, from tooling to language design to standard libraries:

  • Write a Par plugin for your favorite editor to support syntax highlighting, marking compiler errors, running tests on save, etc.
  • Improve pattern matching by adding support for structs and maps.
  • Add syntatic sugar to insert values into a set (e.g. #[a, b | set]) or add key-value pairs to a map (e.g. { a => b, c => d | map }).
  • Write standard library modules for e.g. HTTP, crypto, Date/Time, etc. by leaning on existing OTP libraries.
  • Report any bugs you find and help improve documentation where you think it's confusing.
  • Write guides or tutorials on how to use Par to build applications.

This is a small sample of things you could work on. Get in touch if you're interested; we'd love to have you help! We're also searching for members to add to our core team, and getting involved early is the best track for this.


Par is MIT licensed.

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