A light-weight and powerful PHP library. It's currently a work-in-progress.
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Silent Boss

Silent Boss is a light-weight and powerful PHP library focused on providing flexible functionality with minimal code.

Version 0.2

Among various improvements to the MVC system, Silent Boss now provides a(n):

  • URL routing mechanism
  • Active record database class
  • Library to manage PHP sessions
  • Form helper and accompanying validator to streamline the creation of HTML forms
  • Loader class to manage the usage of views, models, libraries, and helpers

Rather than being a full-fledged CMS, Silent Boss has now changed direction and will be a PHP library.

Version 0.1

As of version 0.1, Silent Boss uses the Model-View-Controller architecture to make it easy to add, remove, and update pages. Controllers, views, and models may be found in the boss directory.

Other additions include:

  • .htaccess to map all requests to index.php
  • A config.php file in the root to set basic configuration values
  • A default, minimalist theme

Planned future updates are:

  • An administrator dashboard to streamline the addition of pages via markdown.
  • A form builder to help create and validate forms without the normal hassle.
  • More features that have yet to be decided upon

Documentation for silent boss is currently not available. It will be present after a significant amount of development has been completed. Even so, the system acts in a predictable MVC manner. Simply add in a controller with methods to define new pages. To load views, models, and helpers, use the loadView, loadModel, and loadHelper functions. Feel free to look around the code for an in-depth introduction. And, of course, contributions are always welcome (see todo.txt).