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Additional sample files for the bootstrap-fileinput plugin. These sample files can be used for testing the file preview, input validation, and upload features of the plugin.

The following file samples are available for testing with the bootstrap-fileinput:

Feature To Test Sample File names (files available in the samples folder)
JPEG Image Files Desert.jpg, Jellyfish.jpg, Koala.jpg, Lighthouse.jpg, Tulips.jpg
PNG Image Files SamplePNGImage_100kb.png, SamplePNGImage_1mb.png, SamplePNG_NoExtn
TIFF Image Files multipage_tiff_example.tiff
Photoshop Files apple.psd
EPS Files sample_eps.eps
AI Files sample_ai.ai
Large Width Image large-width-image.jpg
Flash/Object Files BannerSnack-ad-336x280.swf, Car-speakers-590x90.swf
Video Formats small.3gp, small.flv, small.mp4, small.webm, SampleVideo_1280x720_1mb
Audio Formats SampleAudio_0.4mb, small.ogg
CSV Files test.csv, SampleCSVFile_2kb, SampleCSVFile_1109kb
PDF Files pdf-sample.pdf, SamplePDFFile_5mb.pdf
TEXT Files SampleTextFile_10kb.txt, SampleTextFile_1000kb.txt
Office Files SampleDOCFile_100kb.doc, SampleXLSFile_38kb.xls, SamplePPTFile_500kb.ppt
SQL Files Sample-SQL-File-10-Rows.sql, Sample-SQL-File-10000-Rows.sql
HTML Files SampleHTML.htm, fibonacci.htm
SVG Image Files SVG_Awesome_Tiger.jpg, SVG_Gallardo.jpg, SVG_Red_Fedora.jpg
Exif Landscape Orientation Exif-Landscape-1.jpg to Exif-Landscape-8.jpg
Exif Portrait Orientation Exif-Portrait-1.jpg to Exif-Portrait-8.jpg
Special File Names Penguins[WithSpecialChars].jpg, This is a long file name to just check how the fileinput plugin can autosize the file caption displayed across device sizes.jpg

For details, visit the plugin documentation or demo page.