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Change Log: bootstrap-fileinput

version 5.2.4

Date: under development

  • (enh #1741): Fix zoom cache 404 console warnings.

version 5.2.3

Date: 25-Jul-2021

  • (enh #1738): Enhancements to zoomed preview to include additional description and better title styling.
    • The initialPreviewConfig will include an additional property description
    • The modal layout template will include a kv-zoom-description container which will render the description from initialPreviewConfig. This container will be hidden if no description found.
    • The modal layout template will include kv-zoom-caption container which will render the caption or filename from initialPreviewConfig. If that is not found it will default to msgZoomModalHeading.
    • The modal layout template will include kv-zoom-size container which will render the size as set in initialPreviewConfig.
    • The description will be shown as a bubble text over the image/content.
    • Additional new property showDescriptionClose (boolean). Will show a close icon to close the description bubble text when set to true. Defaults to true.
  • (enh #1737): Configurable file size units and bitrate units. New plugin properties configurable and translateable via locale language files.
    • sizeUnits defaults to ['B', 'KB', 'MB', 'GB', 'TB', 'PB', 'EB', 'ZB', 'YB']
    • bitRateUnits defaults to ['B/s', 'KB/s', 'MB/s', 'GB/s', 'TB/s', 'PB/s', 'EB/s', 'ZB/s', 'YB/s']
  • (enh #1736): Correct byte to KB conversion.
    • new property bytesToKB which defaults to 1024 is used for conversion.
  • (enh #1735): Correct file caption reset after thumbnail delete.
  • (bug #1734): Correct zoom data refresh for each individual file upload.
  • (enh #1731): Enhance RTL Styling for bootstrap 4/5 input groups.
  • (enh #1730): Enhancements for bootstrap input group styles.
    • New plugin option inputGroupClass - defaults to empty string
    • Can be set to input-group-lg or input-group-sm to get bootstrap input group styles
    • Enhanced caption icon styling to match the bootstrap input group styles
  • (enh #1727): Correct zoom navigation for reverse preview order.
  • (enh #1726): Update Chinese translations.
  • (enh #1722): Enhance zoom cache rendering and carousel navigation indicators.
  • (enh #1721): Correct fileselect event triggering.
  • (enh #1720): Enhance parsing of zoomData to lazy load content asynchronously only on zoom.
  • (enh #1642): Enhance filebatchpreupload event listening for effective aborting.

version 5.2.2

Date: 19-Jun-2021

  • (enh #1719): Show loading / processing when browse button used for file selection
  • (enh #1718): Enhancements for Bootstrap 5.x & New Theme
    • Default to use bootstrap 5.x icons instead of glyphicons
    • Correct layoutTemplates.main2 to use wrapper container for the buttons to use mainClass
    • Create a new theme bs5 to support bootstrap 5.x icons and styles
    • This is a BC breaking change - which will remove GLYPHICONS as default icons and replace them with Bootstrap 5.x Icon Library. Users must load the Bootstrap icons CSS on their pages for this new change to take effect (as mentioned in docs).
  • (enh #1716): Update Czech Translations.
  • (enh #1715): Update Slovak Translations.
  • (enh #1714): Various enhancements to file caption styling and file preview processing.
  • (enh #1713): Allow pasting files and images from clipboard to the fileinput.
  • (enh #1710): Correct isEmpty helper.
  • (bug #1709): Corrections to image resizing.
  • (bug #1708): Corrections to reselection/upload of image file deleted earlier.

version 5.2.1

Date: 19-May-2021

  • (enh #1706): Enhance reset of file caption title.
  • (enh #1705): Corrections to image resizing.
  • (enh #1704): Enhance and fix CDN to use jsDelivr.

version 5.2.0

Date: 06-May-2021

  • (enh #1674): Enhancements to add support for Bootstrap v5.
    • Major release to support Bootstrap version 5.x
    • Bootstrap version is auto detected with this release if the bootstrap javascript library is loaded
    • Additional flexibility is provided to developer to override a specific bootstrap version by setting $.fn.fileinputBsVersion
    • There is an existing issue for MODAL dialog initialization in Bootstrap library v5.x. Refer the issue reported at the Bootstrap 5.x library repo with a workaround.
  • (enh #1699): Update Danish Translations.
  • (enh #1698): Tab index ordering enhancements.
    • fix tab order breaking after file caption highlight
    • added new property tabIndexConfig for configuration of tab indices for each section which defaults to (null value means no tabindex property will be set for that section)
    tabIndexConfig: {
        caption: 500,
        browse: 500,
        remove: 500,
        upload: 500,
        cancel: null,
        pause: null,
        modal: -1
  • (enh #1693): Add Latvian Translations.
  • (enh #1690): Add Uzbek Cyrillic Translations.
  • (enh #1647, #1679, #1695): Correct success file thumbs init.

version 5.1.5

Date: 03-Mar-2021

  • (enh #1687, #1688): Allow error history to be displayed for resumable uploads.
    • new boolean property resumableUploadOptions.retainErrorHistory
  • (enh #1683): Better correct CSP Buffer Stash using CSSStyleDeclaration.
  • (enh #1681): Update Turkish Translations.
  • (bug #1678): Resumable upload error handling fixes
    • new boolean property resumableUploadOptions.skipErrorsAndProceed
    • new event filemaxretries

version 5.1.4

Date: 12-Jan-2021

  • (enh #1672): Add namespace control on bootstrap modal show trigger to avoid interaction with other plugins.
  • (bug #1671): Correct upload button behavior in file thumbnail footer.
  • (enh #1664): Enhance upload stats and add bitrate update delay.
  • (enh #1663): Correct upload bitrate.
  • (enh #1657, #1659): Update Hungarian Translations.
  • (bug #1656): Correct error in _getThumbFileId.
  • (bug #1652): Correct thumb parsing error for events when showPreview is false.
  • (enh #1651): Pass file id in fileuploaded event for non-resumable ajax async uploads.
  • (enh #1650): Update Ukranian Translations.
  • (bug #1649): Correct image size validation.
  • (enh #1648): New plugin method getFilesSize to return sum of bytes of all files.
  • (enh #1645): Update Polish Translations.
  • (bug #1123): Fix clickable zone behavior on file validation error.

version 5.1.3

Date: 24-Oct-2020

  • (enh #1644): Fix problem with outlook deleting email after drag and drop.
  • (enh #1643): Update Arabic Translations.
  • (enh #1640): Update Greek Translations.
  • (enh #1639): Update Greek Translations.
  • (enh #1638): Correct zoom cache to prevent duplicate thumb frames display.
  • (enh #1637): Remove dependency on DOM Purify Plugin.
  • (enh #1636): Enhance preview for PDF, Text & HTML.
  • (enh #1635): Enhance Text & HTML files initial preview to be read as links.
  • (bug #1632): Correct preview for plain text content.
  • (bug #1631): Correct modal dialog aria-labelledby binding.
  • (enh #1630): New preProcessUpload callback that can convert / encrypt file content before upload.
  • (enh #1627): Add bootstrap 4 progress bar animation.
  • (enh #1625): Default minFileSize to -1 to allow zero byte files to be uploaded.
  • (enh #1617): Better encoded file id generation.
  • (enh #1612, #1614): Remove unsupported script-inline from template and CSP buffer.

version 5.1.2

Date: 15-Jul-2020

  • (enh #1604): Correct upload stats time calculation for sync uploads.
  • (enh #1603): Add Serbian Latin Translations.
  • (enh #1602): Enhance zoom cache sanitization by parsing all inputs.
  • (enh #1595): Enhance styling for drop zone to maintain consistent size during file selections.
  • (bug #1594): Correct removeThumb validation for in readFiles throwError method.
  • (enh #1593): Correct resumable test upload validation.
  • (enh #1591): Parse arguments as an array via vanilla JS.
  • (enh #1589): Correct msgPlaceholder for de & uz translations.
  • (enh #1588): Enhance duplicate validation for recently uploaded thumbs.

version 5.1.1

Date: 20-Jun-2020

  • (enh #1587): Enhance resumable ajax error trapping.
  • (bug #1585): Correct file sorting and zoom cache handling.

version 5.1.0

Date: 11-Jun-2020

  • (enh #1584): Revamp Krajee Explorer Themes.
  • (bug #1583): Correct cspBuffer stash html content store.
  • (enh #1582): Set showConsoleLogs to false as default.
  • (enh #1581): Enhance Sortable Behavior & Styles.
    • Update to use latest release of Rubaxa Sortable Plugin
    • Fix errors in sortable init
    • Update drag handle styles to show correct grab cursor
  • (enh #1580): Validate drop zone title by correctly checking if native input has files.
  • (enh #1578): Enhance progress bar styling.
  • (enh #1577): Use … instead of three dots.
  • (enh #1576): Update French Translations.

version 5.0.9

Date: 02-Jun-2020

  • (enh #1574): Enhance filezoom events to fire correctly only once for the source file input.
    • fixes issue when multiple file input plugins are initialized on the same page
  • (enh #1573): Update French Translations.
  • (enh #1572): Correct image auto orientation based on browser support.
  • (bug #1565, #1571): Implement CSP compliance for HTML markup via templates.
  • (bug #1569): Correctly validate persistent file validation errors and display them.
  • (enh #1568): Correct timeout and resumable validation for async uploads.
  • (enh #1536, #1567): Parse response as string in _parseError function.
  • (enh #1525, #1566): Handle filebeforeload event abort when returning false.
  • (enh #1563): Update Català Translations.
  • (enh #1561): Correct triggering of events for cancelled & paused scenarios.
  • (enh #1557, #1559): Enhance and fix resumable and ajax queues.
  • (enh #1552, #1553): More correct full screen exit.
  • (bug #1551): Correct MIME Type detection for PNG.
  • (enh #1548): Correct filebatchselected trigger for single file uploads.
  • (enh #1545, #1546): Enhance file path for folder drag.
  • (enh #1540): Better validation of required property.
  • (bug #1518, #1522): Initial preview rendering correction when preview returned by server immediately after upload.

version 5.0.8

Date: 13-Dec-2019

  • (enh #1514): Enhancements to duplicate file selection.
    • New event fileduplicateerror will be triggered after every duplicate file detected.
    • Duplicate error container can be closed by clicking the close icon.
    • New property fadeDelay used in fade out / fade in animations of error containers.
  • (enh #1513): New filebeforeload event (only for ajax uploads). Can be used to abort loading of specific files at runtime. Usage:
    $('#input').on('filebeforeload', function(event, file, index, reader) {
        // perform your validations based on the 'file' or other parameters
        if ( === 'UNAPPROVED_FILE.txt') {
            return false; // will abort the file loading for the selected file
  • (enh #1512): Include parameter to include initial preview files in getFilesCount method.
  • (bug #1510): Lock browse button correctly when disable method is called.
  • (bug #1509): Correct zoom slideshow to show only files with zoom enabled via showZoom.
  • (bug #1508): Correct file caption after files are uploaded.
  • (enh #1503): Correct Mozilla PDF rendering bug.
  • (bug #1499, #1502): Correct duplicate file check error rendering.
  • (enh #1497): Better validation of progress display when showPreview is false.
  • (bug #1482): Validate initialPreviewShowDelete setting correctly.
  • (bug #1480): Correct preview content setting after validation error.

version 5.0.7

Date: 17-Nov-2019

  • (enh #1496): Correct isEmpty check for functions.
  • (enh #1485): Update Portugese Brazilian Translations.
  • (enh #1479): Methods updated:
    • Include addToStack method.
    • Remove updateStack method
    • Rename clearStack to clearFileStack method
  • (enh #1478): Update Slovak Translations.
  • (enh #1477): Update Czech Translations.
  • (enh #1476): Update Hungarian Translations.
  • (enh #1475): Prevent invalid thumb validation when showPreview is false.
  • (enh #1474): Hide upload icon for file validation errors.
  • (enh #1471): Improve pt-PT and pt-BR translations.
  • (enh #1468): Update Uzbek Translations.
  • (enh #1467): Update Czekh Translations.
  • (enh #1466): Update Slovak Translations.
  • (bug #1465): Correct content.length parsing issue in preview cache.
  • (enh #1461): Allow two different max file count checks.
    • maxFileCount and msgFilesTooMany for files being selected before upload
    • maxTotalFileCount and msgTotalFilesTooMany for total files selected and files included in initial preview
  • (enh #1448): New boolean properties focusCaptionOnBrowse and focusCaptionOnClear which default to true.

version 5.0.6

Date: 11-Sep-2019

  • (enh #1464): Correct preview frame float styling issues.
  • (bug #1463): Correct file input unlock after file validation errors (for non-ajax mode).
  • (bug #1460): Correct filebatchselected event trigger.
  • (bug #1459): Upload Async does not recognize initialPreview correctly for ajax response immediately sent with uploadUrl.
  • (bug #1457): Correct removeFromPreviewOnError validation.
  • (enh #1455): Default preview template to other when invalid file type is passed.

version 5.0.5

Date: 23-Aug-2019

  • (enh #1450): Update Russian Translations.
  • (enh #1449): Lock file input while files are being read for preview.
  • (enh #1446): New property showConsoleLogs to control display of plugin console messages.
  • (enh #1445): Correct invalid thumb frame log errors.
  • (enh #1442): Implement .npmignore to clean unwanted files for NPM package.
  • (enh #1438): Activating Open Collective.
  • (enh #1436): Improve Portuguese translations.
  • (enh #1435): Handle special characters in file thumb id attribute.
  • (enh #1429): Enhance thumbnail preview identifiers.

version 5.0.4

Date: 30-Jun-2019

  • (enh #1422): Correct drag indicator SCSS.
  • (enh #1420): Correct preferIconicPreview parsing.
  • (bug #1413): Correct getFileStack and getFileList methods.
  • Implement sponsorship.
  • Implement sentiment bot.

version 5.0.3

Date: 12-May-2019

  • (enh #1409): Correct the sequence of raise of filechunksuccess event.
  • Implement stale bot.
  • (enh #1400): Enhance image auto orientation for zoom images when thumbnail is hidden.
  • (enh #1399): Enhance Krajee Explorer themes for better image preview.
  • (enh #1398): Resumable uploads enhancements (only when enableResumableUpload is true):
    • Add new properties to fileActionSettings:
      • indicatorPaused
      • indicatorPausedTitle
    • Enhance pause and resume behavior by showing appropriate indicators on the file thumbnails
    • Add resume method and enhance pause method for resumable uploads
    • Remove upload button from individual thumbnails and ability to upload selective single file for resumable uploads.
  • (enh #1397): Correct uploadParamNames to include all parameters.

version 5.0.2

Date: 18-Apr-2019

  • (enh #1394): New error message properties (updates to locales).
    • msgProgressError
    • msgDeleteError
    • msgUploadError (modification)
  • (enh #1393): Standardize error alert formats for ajax deletes.
  • (enh #1136): Allow proper retry of error uploads based on retryErrorUploads setting.
  • Better management of console log messages.
  • (bug #1391): Correct resumable upload progress update behavior when showPreview is false.
  • (bug #1390): Correct remove button display validation set via fileActionSettings.
  • (bug #1385): Correct resize image error.
  • (bug #1383): Validate for undefined zoom data.

version 5.0.1

Date: 26-Mar-2019

  • (enh #1382): Better defaults for resumableUploadOptions.chunkSize and progressDelay.
    • Set defaults for progressDelay to 0 and resumableUploadOptions.chunkSize to 2048 KB i.e. (2 MB)
  • (bug #1381): Fix uploadExtraData to be submitted correctly with ajax responses.
  • (enh #1379): Add ability to sanitize zoom cache. New property sanitizeZoomCache which is a function callback and defaults to:
    function(content) {
        var $container = $(document.createElement('div')).append(content);
        return $container.html();
  • (enh #276): Add ability to change ajax submission URL dynamically e.g. uploadUrl, deleteUrl, resumableUploadOptions.testUrl. These can now be also setup as a function callback that will be executed at runtime.

version 5.0.0


Date: 24-Mar-2019

  • (enh #1378): Allow throttling / delaying xhr progress updates.
    • New property uploadProgressDelay in microseconds - will default to 100 - this will control how frequent the xhr upload progress will be checked. If set to null or 0 - will do it every microsecond.
    • New property maxAjaxThreads (will default to 5) that will allow to spawn only this limit of ajax requests in parallel.
    • The above is complemented by resumableUploadOptions['maxThreads'] (defaults to 4) which is applicable for spawning number of ajax chunk requests for resumable uploads. The resumableUploadOptions['maxThreads'] property must be less than or equal to maxThreads - else it will be over-ridden by maxThreads global setting.
  • (enh #1377): Display extended upload statistics like bitrate and pending time.
    • add layoutTemplates['stats'] for displaying stats
    layoutTemplates.stats = '<div class="text-info file-upload-stats">' +
        '<span class="pending-time">{pendingTime}</span> ' +
        '<span class="upload-speed">{uploadSpeed}</span>' +
    • token {stats} will be replaced with above
    • by default '{stats}' will be appended at the end of layoutTemplates['progress']
    • display pending time remaining and upload speed within stats
    • enhance xhr progress to support updating stats
  • (enh #1374): Allow exif data of images to be read from server.
    • initialPreviewConfig sent from the server can contain the exif property as an object.
    • allows auto orientation of JPEG image files based on exif orientation
    • autoOrientImageInitial is a new boolean property that controls whether images need to be auto-oriented based on exif orientation.
  • (enh #1373): Selectively disable file selection and preview for certain file extensions. - allowedPreviewTypes (existing) - allowedPreviewMimeTypes (existing) - allowedPreviewExtensions (new) - disabledPreviewTypes (new) - disabledPreviewExtensions (new) - defaults to ['msi', 'exe', 'com', 'zip', 'rar', 'app', 'vb', 'scr'] - disabledPreviewMimeTypes (new) - defaults to ['application/octet-stream']
  • (enh #1370): Add ability for pausing and resuming uploads
  • (enh #1368): Better enhanced file management and queuing.
    • New fileManager and resumableManager internal objects.
    • filestack property has been removed
    • addToFileStack and updateFileStack methods have been removed
  • (enh #1321): Add ability to define separate thumbnail and zoom images / file data.
  • (enh #1264, #1145): Allow configurable file actions as a callback.
    • The showXXX properties in fileActionSettings ca3n now be setup as a callback.
    • Can read any property from the initialPreviewConfig for initial preview thumbnails
  • (enh #1249, #290): Add capability for resumable and chunk uploads.
    • New properties enableResumableUpload and resumableUploadOptions

version 4.5.3

Date: 21-Mar-2019

  • (enh #1371): Capture file identifier in thumbnails
  • (enh #1367, #1286): Better validation of piexif.js and other code enhancements.
  • (enh #1362, #1337, #1269): AutoOrientImage enhancement for mobile safari.
  • (enh #1336): Ability to configure alt and title attributes for images in initialPreviewConfig.

version 4.5.2

Date: 03-Jan-2019

  • (enh #1342): Update Turkish Translations.
  • (enh #1339): Better validation of createObjectURL and revokeObjectURL.
  • Update examples\index.html to use latest jQuery, Bootstrap & Font Awesome libraries.
  • (enh #1333): Update Galician Translations.
  • (enh #1332): Update Chinese Translations.
  • (enh #1325): Update README for NPM install.
  • (bug #1324): Error in IE11 Folder drag and drop.
  • (enh #1322): Add Uzbek Translations.
  • (enh #1320): New events for files dragged and dropped.
  • (enh #1319): Enhance mimeType parsing via mimeTypeAliases.
    • allows quicktime .mov files to be previewed in non Apple browsers like Chrome/Firefox/IE.
  • (enh #1318): Configure PDFjs viewer for IE11 pdf preview.
  • (enh #1314): Update Hebrew Translations.
  • (enh #1313): Correct file type function validation.
  • (enh #1311): Correct preview zoom modal keydown next and prev keyboard behavior.
  • (enh #1308): Enhance audio file preview thumbnail styling.
  • (enh #1298): New encodeUrl boolean option that encodes all URL passed by default.

version 4.5.1

Date: 25-Sep-2018

  • (enh #1305): Correct browseOnZoneClick behavior.
  • (enh #1297): Update default thumbnail shadow style.
  • (enh #1286): Correct piexif library load validation.

version 4.5.0

Date: 30-Aug-2018

  • (enh #1292): Update DOMPurify plugin to the latest release.
  • (enh #1291): Update Dutch Translations.
  • (enh #1290): Enhance htmlEncode to parse undefined variables.
  • (enh #1288): Update Dutch Translations.
  • (enh #1287): Correct full screen modal styling.
  • (enh #1286): Default autoOrientImage to false.
  • (enh #1285): Update Danish Translations.
  • (bug #1282): Allow filebrowse event to be prevented.
  • (enh #1279): Enhance usePdfRenderer callback check to detect android phones.
  • Correct nuget batch file.

version 4.4.9

Date: 25-Jul-2018

  • (bug #1276): More correct validation of previewContentTemplates.
  • (enh #1275): Update Farsi Translations.
  • (enh #1272, #1273): Add Hebrew Translations.
  • (enh #1269, #1270): Enhance auto orientation of images using piexif.js.
  • Enhance progress bar text styling.
  • (enh #1254): Enhance PDF Preview on iOS devices via external PDF renderer (PDFJS).
  • (bug #1242): Correct drop zone enabling check for ajax uploads.
  • (bug #1232): Correct RTL input group button styling.
  • (enh #1228): Enhance and correct preview refresh for various scenarios.
  • (bug #1226): Enhance native input display styling when showBrowse is false.
  • (enh #1223): Update Font Awesome 5.x theme icons.

version 4.4.8

Date: 11-Apr-2018

  • (enh #1221): Update Indonesian Translations.
  • (enh #1220): Add Krajee Explorer Font Awesome 5 Theme (explorer-fas).
  • (enh #1219): Update Chinese translations.
  • (bug #1217): Fix drag and drop to send files correctly for form submission.
  • (enh #1216): Add drag and drop support for folders for webkit browsers (only for ajax upload mode).
  • (bug #1215): Correct zoom preview for errored thumbnails.
  • (enh #1210): Enhance support for Office Docs Preview and Google Docs Preview.
  • (bug #1204): Correct merging of ajax callbacks.
  • (bug #1201, #1200): Correct elErrorContainer validation for browseOnZoneClick.
  • (enh #1197): Add new Font Awesome 5 Theme.
  • (enh #1193): Add drag and drop functionality for form based submissions.
  • (enh #1179): New property reversePreviewOrder to allow reversing files displayed in preview.
  • (enh #1178): Enhance BS button styling for default and FA themes.
  • (bug #1173): Correct showRemove validation in fileActionSettings.
  • (enh #1168): Update Ukranian translations.
  • (enh #1166): Update Hungarian translations.
  • (enh #1148): Update font awesome themes to include missing download icon.

version 4.4.7

Date: 22-Jan-2018

  • Update copyright year to current.
  • (enh #1164): Update Slovak translations.
  • (enh #1163): Update Czech translations.
  • (enh #1159): Update Portuguese Brazilian translations.
  • (enh #1157, #1158): Update input group styles for BS4 beta3.
  • (bug #1152): Correct preview thumbs stacking post sorting and/or ajax deletion.
  • (enh #1149): Enhance download button behavior to allow Firefox browser to download.
  • (enh #1143): Correct translation path in docs.
  • (enh #1142, #1141): Update Georgian translations.
  • (enh #1138, #1137): Update Italian translations.
  • (enh #1134): Update Polish translations.
  • (enh #1131): New public method readFiles to allow input & preview of file objects programmatically.
  • (enh #1128, #1129): Update rubaxa sortable plugin to fix Chrome support errors.
  • (enh #1127): Update Italian Translations.

version 4.4.6

Date: 13-Nov-2017

  • (enh #1125): Create
  • (bug #1123): Correct error container close button click behavior for various scenarios.
  • (enh #1121): Update Spanish Translations.
  • (enh #1119): Enhance close button icon markup as per BS4 norms.
  • (enh #1118): Better file action button style.
  • (bug #1117): Reset ajaxAborted status more correctly before upload.
  • (enh #1113): Correct slug default callback to include hyphens in file name.
  • (enh #1111): Enhance default file download action to use button markup.
  • (enh #1110): Add support for previewing TIFF, EPS, AI, WMF files.
  • (bug #1108): Correct sortable drag element parsing during sorting.
  • (enh #1106): Update Portuguese BR Translations.
  • (enh #1105): Update Russian Translations.
  • (enh #1103): Update German Translations.
  • (enh #1099): Enhance mime type parsing for IE 11.
  • (enh #1097): Add support for previewing Office file formats (e.g. docx, xlsx, pptx).
    • Supports all common formats that google docs can view.
    • Available only for initial preview content (where the document is accessible via a public web link).
  • Update README to include updated cover images for bootstrap-fileinput themes (with Bootstrap 4.x support).
  • (enh #1096): Update Czech language folder and code to ISO code cs.
  • (bug #1095): Fix resize image when used with non JPEG images (silently ignoring piexif errors).
  • (enh #1094): Update French Translations.

version 4.4.5

Date: 01-Oct-2017

  • Update readme and example index to use plugin's CDN libraries.
  • (enh #1093): Revamp SCSS with better variables and extensions.
  • (enh #1091): Set default button type for close button markup template.
  • (enh #1090): Auto detect intelligently the preview type based on file content.
  • (enh #1087): Enhance SCSS/SASS styling configurations.
  • (enh #1086): New placeholder property and various caption rendering enhancements.
  • (enh #1085): Update Slovak Translations.
  • (enh #1084): Update Czech Translations.

version 4.4.4

Date: 21-Sep-2017

This release adds Bootstrap v4.x support.

  • (enh #1082, #1083): Better handling of errors when showPreview is false.
  • (enh #1080): Enhance styling of zoom modal header and buttons.
  • (bug #1079): Correct initial preview rendering when no initialPreviewConfig supplied.
  • (enh #1078): Correct markup during file validation errors (non-ajax mode).
  • (enh #1075): Enhance initial preview delete behavior (ensure previewCache splices deleted initial preview content items).
  • (enh #1073): Enhance refresh method to overwrite options.
  • (enh #1072): Enhance preview thumb templates to allow setting CSS styles (BC Breaking).
  • (enh #1071): Auto detect small screen width and auto style/auto fit preview thumbnails.
  • (enh #1070): Include new download action button for initial preview thumbnails.
  • (enh #1069): Enhance action buttons to parse new {key} & {filename} tags.
  • (bug #1068): Add ability to merge ajax callbacks when overriding ajax settings.
  • (bug #1066): Correct removeFromPreviewOnError validation.
  • (enh #1065): Enhancements to support Bootstrap v4.x framework.
  • (enh #1064): Update Chinese Translations.

version 4.4.3

Date: 27-Aug-2017

  • (enh #1059): Better form reset behavior and update of reset method in docs.
  • (enh #1056): Add Lithuanian Translations.
  • (enh #1050): Update Japanese Translations & Locales.
  • (enh #1049): New property uploadUrlThumb.
  • (enh #1048): Add ability to retry errored file uploads.
    • New plugin properties added:
      • retryErrorUploads: boolean, will determine if errored out thumbnails can be retried for upload and submitted again.
      • fileActionSettings.uploadRetryIcon: Will change the icon of the upload button to retry icon specified here.
      • fileActionSettings.uploadRetryTitle: Will change the title of the upload button to retry title specified here.
      • msgUploadError: will be displayed within the progress bar on the errored out thumbnails.
    • Other enhancements include:
      • resetting progress bar correctly
      • enhancing upload validation behavior so that if retryErrorUploads is false, then no upload button is shown on the errored out thumbnails.
  • (enh #1044): Add Slovak Translations.
  • (enh #1043): Add Czech Translations.
  • (enh #1042, #830): Fixes to initial preview delete (related to #1034).
  • (enh #1038): Fix documentation for {dataKey}.
  • (enh #1034): Add new event filebeforedelete and enhance delete abort logic.
  • (enh #1033): Correct reset of preview in reset method.
  • (enh #1031): Update French Translations.
  • (bug #1030): Correct image dimension validation to consider non JPEG images.
  • (enh #1015): Enhancement to RTL styling.
  • (enh #1014): Enhancements to file upload single.
  • (enh #1012): Better formatting of ajax errors display.
  • (enh #1006): Update Farsi Translations.

version 4.4.2

Date: 24-Jun-2017

  • (enh #1005): Update Dutch Translations.
  • (enh #1004): New Krajee Explorer Font Awesome Theme.
  • (bug #995): Correct and fix image load jquery event triggering for browser cache scenarios.
  • (enh #991): Add Azerbaijan Translations.
  • (enh #990): Ability to hide thumbnail content (hideThumbnailContent) and display only file name/size.
  • (enh #989): Update Chinese Translations.
  • (enh #987): Zoom preview arrows orientation for RTL.
  • (enh #986): Image width parsing and styling enhancements.
  • (enh #985): Do not reset input when upload fails (single-upload mode).
  • (enh #981): Update Hungarian Translations.
  • (enh #977): Add RTL capability (new property rtl to be set) - includes new fileinput-rtl.css (to be loaded after fileinput.css for RTL styling).
  • (enh #973): Add SCSS image path variable and file-image alt style updates.

version 4.4.1

Date: 25-May-2017

  • (enh #980): Add new method getFrames to get all thumbnail frames as jQuery objects.
  • (enh #979): Add new method getExif to retrieve exif data for a selected jpeg image.
  • (enh #978, #974): Implement exif restoration for resized images via piexif plugin.
  • (enh #968): Update Turkish Translations.
  • (enh #967): Correct file caption display for ajax upload mode when showPreview is false.

version 4.4.0

Date: 13-May-2017

  • (enh #966): Add Estonian Translations.
  • (enh #965): New required and msgFileRequired properties.
  • (bug #958): Create setTokens string helper for easier replacement of tokens.
  • (bug #956): Correct initial preview file thumb deletions.
  • (bug #955): Remove unnecessary sourceMappingUrl in purify.min.js.
  • (enh #954): Add minified theme assets.
  • (enh #952): Auto orientation of image based on EXIF data (new property autoOrientImage).
  • (enh #950, #930): Add responsive support for Krajee Explorer theme for mobile devices.
  • (enh #949): Sortable plugin enhancements and prevent scroll when dragging on mobile devices.
  • Chronological ordering of issues for change log.
  • (enh #947): Correct showDelete validation in fileActionSettings.
  • (enh #946): Enhance iconic preview validation to ignore extension case if possible.
  • (enh #944): Publish v4.3.9 release to NPM.
  • (enh #942): Enhance indicator and drag templates. New layout template indicator.
  • (enh #941): Correct data-fileindex validation.
  • (bug #940): Correct validation of initialPreviewShowDelete.
  • (enh #936): Enhance custom validation when ajax abort is triggered via event manipulation.
  • (enh #934): Update Russian translations.
  • (enh #929): Add Norwegian translations.
  • (enh #926): Add Galician translations and update Spanish translations.
  • (enh #924): Update Farsi Translations.
  • (enh #921): Enhance zoom preview slide-show to show loading indicator during image change.
  • (enh #920): Cancel ajax abort action more correctly.
  • (bug #919): Fix resize validation.
  • Parse all numeric properties correctly.
  • (enh #915): Update default styling for zoom preview for object.
  • (enh #910): New property resizeIfMoreThan to control image resize conditionally.
  • (bug #899): Fix multiple file selection for non-ajax scenario.
  • (enh #477): Enhance and correct IE10 fileinput click misbehavior.

version 4.3.9

Date: 02-Apr-2017

  • (enh #914): Update Portuguese BR translations.
  • (enh #913): Better id parsing and resetting of uploaded file thumbnails.
  • Enhance zoom preview styling for Krajee Explorer theme.
  • More correct validation of allowedFileTypes to accept null values.
  • (enh #909): Update German Translations.
  • (enh #906): Add Swedish Translations.
  • (enh #905): Prevent duplicate files to be dragged and dropped.
  • (enh #902): Enhance zoom preview styling for large height images.
  • (bug #900): Correct overwriteInitial validation for async batch uploads returning dynamic initial preview post upload.
  • (enh #898): New plugin method to get files in preview and config.
  • (enh #894, #895): Correct file size validation for empty files.
  • (bug #893): Correct file-success-remove event handling.
  • (bug #890): Fix doubling of images for async bulk uploads when initial preview is returned via ajax response.
  • Enhance uploaded thumb frames to not reset or change the frame identifier after successful upload.
  • (enh #887): New properties msgUploadBegin and msgUploadEnd to display a better progress status. The layoutTemplates.progress will support a new token {status}.
  • Enhance events like fileclear and filepreajax to be aborted via event.preventDefault().
  • (enh #886): Append zoom modal dialog to body element if available to avoid multiple BS modals conflict.
  • (bug #885): Correct validation for allowedFileTypes.
  • (enh #875): Reset form based events more correctly to allow multiple bootstrap file inputs within forms.
  • (bug #882): Correct image resize validation.
  • (enh #881): Update Spanish Translations.
  • (enh #863): New plugin method zoom with parameter frameId to allow custom triggering of zoomed preview for each thumbnail frame.

version 4.3.8

Date: 21-Feb-2017

  • (enh #879): Update Russian Translations.
  • (enh #876): Update Spanish Translations.
  • (enh #874): Enhance/Standardize CSS Styles for Krajee Default Theme.
  • (bug #872): Correct typo in bootstrap.min.css.
  • (bug #870): Correct config.width parsing.

version 4.3.7

Date: 11-Feb-2017

  • (enh #862): Launch a brand new Krajee theme: explorer.
  • (enh #861): New properties within layoutTemplates.
  • (enh #860): Initialize template defaults in a better manner.
  • (enh #859): Enhance and revamp preview caching.
  • (enh #858): Thumb Frame CSS class as configurable property.
  • (enh #857): Default error handling for unknown ajax errors.
  • (enh #854): Better file size calculation and display.
  • (bug #852): Ensure frameClass setting in initialPreviewConfig is considered.
  • (enh #851): Create Kazakh Translations.
  • (enh #847): Update German Translations.
  • (enh #662, #725): Enhance preview modal to be appended to body before each zoom action (if body tag exists).
  • (enh #844): Display zoom preview navigation buttons only when multiple files exist.
  • (bug #839): Correct initialPreview generation and sortable behavior for async uploads.
  • (enh #837): Update Czech Translations.
  • (enh #835): Update Polish Translations.
  • (bug #834): Correct clearing of file preview including zoom cache.
  • (bug #833): Correct validation and defaults init for allowedPreviewTypes.
  • (enh #831): Update Finnish Translations.
  • (enh #828): Allow drag sort of single uploaded thumbnails with initialPreview config set (post upload).
  • (bug #826): Extend language configuration to consider defaults.
  • (bug #825): Correct fileimagesresized event triggering.
  • (enh #824): Add Korean Translations.
  • (enh #823): Correct file indices assignment during validation of images.
  • (enh #822): Enhancement for preventing upload when data is empty. New property msgUploadEmpty has been incorporated.
  • (enh #820): Prevent resize if image is smaller than allowed dimensions.
  • (bug #819): Correct init preview auto replace post uploadSingle action in thumbnails.
  • (enh #816): New property msgFileTypes to control descriptions/localizations of file types displayed.
  • (enh #815): Enhance parsing of thumbnails that are visible in preview (will allow plugin to be initialized in hidden containers like tabs).
  • (enh #812): Update Greek Translations.

version 4.3.6

Date: 17-Dec-2016

  • (enh #809): Various enhancements for preview control and iconic thumbnails.
    • add ability to control and render different previews for file thumbnails and zoomed preview content
    • new property preferIconicPreview will try to parse the previewFileIconSettings and previewFileExtSettings to automatically force iconic previews for file thumbnails.
    • new property preferIconicZoomPreview will try to parse the previewFileIconSettings and previewFileExtSettings to automatically force iconic previews in the zoomed content.
    • the above properties will be applied and parsed for initialPreview content as well.
  • (enh #804): Add Slovenian Translations.
  • (enh #803): Update Hungarian Translations.
  • (enh #802): Allow MOV files preview for supported devices and browsers.
  • (enh #800): Update Spanish Translations.
  • (enh #799): Fix IE memory issue on image load.
  • (enh #791): Auto orientation of images based on EXIF data.
  • (enh #788): New validation for minimum file size:
    • new property minFileSize which validates the minimum file size in KB for upload, else throws a validation error using msgSizeTooSmall. This defaults to 0.
    • if minFileSize is set to null, then above validation is skipped and no minimum file size check is performed.
  • (enh #782): New validation for invalid slug file name (caption):
    • if slug callback returns an empty string, then an error will be thrown using msgInvalidFileName.
    • if slug callback returns false then the next file will be read and current file skipped.
  • (enh #779, #789): More correct thumbnail identification post rearrange.
  • (enh #769, #785, #786, #787): Better image resized event handling.
  • (enh #771): Update Chinese Translations.
  • (enh #764): Update Russian Translations.
  • (enh #696): Better default preview zoom settings.

version 4.3.5

Date: 20-Sep-2016

  • (bug #758): Correct file slug name parsing for an invalid file extension.
  • (bug #753): Correct IE11 file clear bug when using without ajax.
  • (enh #745): Update Russian Translations.
  • (enh #741): Update Vietnamese Translations.
  • (enh #736): Update Portugese Brazilian Translations.
  • (bug #734): Correct right parsing of fileuploaded event params.

version 4.3.4

Date: 07-Aug-2016

  • (enh #731): New method getFilesCount for returning upl + non-upl files count.
  • (enh #730): Correct Romanian Translations.
  • (enh #729): Implement progressUploadThreshold to show processing when waiting for server response.
  • (enh #728): Change sortable plugin name to avoid conflict with JUI Sortable.
  • (bug #722): Correctly concat ajax output in initial preview.
  • (enh #721): Update Turkish Translations.
  • (enh #719): Pass right previewId to fileuploaded event.
  • (enh #718): Update Japanese Translations.
  • (enh #715): Reset caption correctly on clear.
  • Add contribution templates.
  • (bug #710): Fix bug for ifSet validation.

version 4.3.3

Date: 09-Jul-2016

  • (enh #706): Remove invalid files from filestack correctly for validation errors.
  • (enh #704): Add grammatically correct "No files selected" message.
  • (enh #702): Add files to stack correctly for max & min preview size validation.
  • (bug #700): Fix custom preview icons to be displayed and validated correctly.
  • (enh #698): Re-enable drag and drop support for IE Edge.
  • (enh #695): Update Spanish Translations.
  • (enh #680): Populate filestack for files greater than maxFilePreviewSize.

version 4.3.2

Date: 11-Jun-2016

  • (enh #674): Organize all themes in a separate themes folder.
  • (enh #666): Update sortable draggable selector.
  • (enh #655): Include sass styling configuration.
  • (enh #654): Update Spanish Translations.
  • (enh #650, #676): Ability to configure browse button display and file select via zone click.
    • New boolean property showBrowse that allows you to control the display of the browse button
    • New boolean property browseOnZoneClick that allows you to select a file:
      • for ajax uploads - by clicking on the preview drag/drop zone
      • for form based/non-ajax uploads - by setting defaultPreviewContent and that will be clickable to browse files
    • New string message property dropZoneClickTitle that will be appended to the dragZoneTitle for ajax uploads when browseOnZoneClick is true.
    • New template actionDrag will be available within layoutTemplates to configure your drag indicator markup.
  • (enh #647): Display file size in previews and templates.
  • Enhancements to file preview icons (other template).
  • Simpler naming for files in locales and themes folders.
  • (enh #643):Implement rearranging / sorting functionality for initial preview.
    • Add ability to rearrange and sort thumbnails by drag & drop. This feature will use the Sortable plugin which will be included in the js/plugins folder.
    • This feature will be available only for initial preview thumbnails for both ajax and form uploads.
    • New property for drag indicator and drag behavior configurations will be included in fileActionSettings:
      • showDrag
      • dragIcon
      • dragClass
      • dragTitle
      • dragSettings
  • (enh #642): Reorganize JS code into proper folders. Following folders will be added/maintained
    • locales: all translation JS files will be located here
    • themes: all theme JS files will be located here
    • plugins: third party JS plugins that will be used to work with bootstrap-fileinput
  • (enh #641): Wrap readFile(index + 1) in a function to prevent 'unsafe-eval' blocking with CSP.
  • (enh #640): Ability to theme and provide font awesome theme. New property theme added.
  • (enh #639): Add ability to just require package in nodejs
  • (enh #636): File action enhancements.
    • Zoom and Drag buttons will be shown as an additional file action buttons in addition to upload and remove
    • New boolean properties showZoom, showDrag, showRemove, showUpload are now added to fileActionSettings to control display of these buttons
    • New properties zoomIcon, zoomClass, zoomTitle are available within fileActionSettings for controlling the zoom button styles and display.
    • New properties dragIcon, dragClass, dragTitle are available within fileActionSettings for controlling the drag indicator styles and display.
    • New properties actionZoom and actionDrag are available within layoutTemplates to configure the markup of the zoom and drag buttons.
  • (enh #635): Various preview enhancements. Previews will be revamped with various functionality:
    • Add ability to zoom every thumbnail to a modal preview. So all types of files (images, videos, pdf, text etc) can be previewed in a larger zoom dialog window.
    • Automatic slideshow like interface for zoom preview modal. One can navigate left or right to view previous or next content in the preview. In addition to button navigation, keyboard navigation (via left/right arrow keys) is also available.
    • Borderless maximized mode and Full Screen mode available for preview.
    • Auto disable the previous or next button when the first or last file/image is reached.
    • Now initialPreview can be setup MORE easier without writing or returning entire markup. Thus the new functionality will enable to use built in previewTemplates.
    • A new boolean property initialPreviewAsData is available to control the above. If set to true, it will allow developers to now pass just the data within initialPreview (instead of complete markup) and the markup will be auto generated using previewTemplates.
    • New property initialPreviewFileType to set the default file type for initial preview. Defaults to image. Must be on of the keys in fileTypeSettings.
    • All the other settings can be controlled via initialPreviewConfig. The new properties available within initialPreviewConfig are:
      • type: Override initialPreviewFileType at global level and set a separate type for each file in the initial preview.
      • previewAsData: boolean property to override the initialPreviewAsData setting at global level
    • New zoom preview control buttons:
      • prev
      • next
      • fullscreen
      • borderless
      • toggleheader
      • close
    • The other new settings to control zoomed preview:
      • previewZoomSettings: Will allow to set the CSS style (e.g. width, height and other CSS style settings) for each zoomed content type (i.e. image, pdf, video etc.).
      • previewZoomButtonIcons: Ability to set the labels for previous, next, fullscreen, borderless, and close buttons.
      • previewZoomButtonTitles: Ability to set the titles for previous, next, fullscreen, borderless, and close buttons.
      • previewZoomButtonClasses: Ability to set the CSS classes for previous, next, fullscreen, borderless, and close buttons.
    • Modifications to all language locales JS for accomodating new translations
  • (enh #634): Enhance ability for PDF and HTML preview.
    • Enhanced PDF support as PDF embedding is now possible for initialPreview. In addition a new template for PDF is available within previewTemplates.
    • HTML Preview is enhanced with a better template. The plugin also now includes support for DOMPurify plugin (and available in plugins folder). This processes and cleans the HTML from XSS before previewing. This behavior can be controlled via purifyHtml property that defaults to true.
  • (enh #633): New property maxFilePreviewSize to control preview of large size files.
  • (enh #632): Find correct filename in IE9.
  • (enh #618): Update German Translations.
  • (enh #615): Correct Finnish Localizations.
  • (enh #605): Fixed previewCache tags reset.
  • (enh #604): Fixed unset method in deleting previewCache index.
  • (enh #600): Synchronize latest package on NuGet.
  • (bug #595): Correct initialization of allowedPreviewTypes.

version 4.3.1

Date: 28-Feb-2016

  • (bug #577): Better label spacing for default browse icon.
  • (bug #576): Correct previewCache initialization.
  • (enh #575): Implement public method chaining and update docs for methods.
  • (enh #574): Change naming convention for private / internal methods. Prepend internal plugin methods with underscore _.
  • (enh #573): Update package.json to include peerDependencies.
  • (enh #572): Add Finnish Translations.
  • (enh #567): New properties and improved messages.
  • (enh #565): Enhance progress bar display when upload is aborted or cancelled.
  • (enh #560): Update French Translations.
  • (enh #559): Allow custom error display styles (e.g. via bootstrap dialog) through these changes:
    • added msg param in fileerror, fileuploaderror, and filefoldererror events.
  • (enh #557): Enhance default file type parsing to intelligently not render unpreviewable content.
  • (enh #555): Set default value for removeFromPreviewOnError to false.
  • (enh #554): Update documentation and demos to include webkitdirectory for upload.
  • (enh #514): Set default value for removeFromPreviewOnError to false.

version 4.3.0

Date: 25-Jan-2016

  • (enh #550): Correct Drag and drop issue with v4.2.9.

version 4.2.9

Date: 22-Jan-2016

  • (enh #545): Refactor code to deep extend options correctly.
  • (enh #541): Improve default slug callback to accept most characters.
  • (enh #534, enh #535): Ability to remove errored file thumbnails via removeFromPreviewOnError.
  • (enh #531): Enhance/Fix typos of Arabic translation.
  • (enh #530): Error alert box and preview thumbnail styling enhancements.
  • (enh #523): Add new branch sass for bootstrap-sass-official support.
  • (enh #521): Update Dutch Translations.
  • (enh #489): Update documentation for change and fileselect events.

version 4.2.8

Date: 18-Nov-2015

  • (enh #494): Add Indonesian translations.
  • (enh #490): Fix zh-TW translation browseLabel wording.
  • (enh #488): Publish to npm.
  • (bug #483): Clear and reset native input after uploading each single file thumbnail.
  • (enh #481): Universal Module Definition for use with CommonJS, AMD or browser globals.
  • (enh #474): Upload via button within each preview thumbnail skips last file for async uploads.
  • (enh #477): Fix IE10 specific styling bug for file input block button.
  • (enh #465): Add CatalĂ  translations.
  • (enh #462): Responsive buttons and new property buttonLabelClass.
  • (enh #460): Update CSS selectors prefix to start with file.
  • (enh #454): Update Turkish Translations.
  • (enh #449): Add Arabic Translations.
  • Implement package.json.
  • Update bootstrap bower version to support only 3.x variants.

version 4.2.7

Date: 13-Sep-2015

  • (bug #442); Enhance the filenames parsing in the filestack and slug conversion.
  • (enh #437): New property defaultPreviewContent to control a default preview.
  • (enh #436): New property showClose and new layout template close to control close icon display.
  • (enh #434): Added Japanese translations.
  • (enh #433): Added new events for image handling.
    • fileimageloaded (fires after each image is loaded in preview) - this is an existing event
    • fileimagesloaded (fires after all images are loaded in preview)
    • fileimageresized (fires after each image in preview is resized)
    • fileimagesresized (fires after all images in preview are resized)
    • fileimageresizeerror (fires when any image resize error is faced)
  • (enh #432): Send slugged file names with the file blob when uploading via ajax.
  • (enh #431): Add Danish locale translations.
  • (bug #429): Fix for MS Edge bug that does not support drag and drop.
  • (enh #428): Enhancements to asynchronous uploads when showPreview is false.
  • (enh #427): Add image resizing capability before upload.
  • (bug #420): Revamp file status progress and positioning updates for asynchronous upload.

version 4.2.6

Date: 26-Aug-2015

  • (enh #426): Enhancements to progress bar and display thumbnail specific progress.
  • (enh #413): Various updates to translations.
  • (enh #412): Enhancements to file upload cancellation.
  • (enh #410): Better validation for IE 10 and below.
  • (enh #405): Create traditional Chinese translations.
  • (enh #401): Various enhancements to preview file thumbnails and error validations.
  • (bug #398): Validate data.errorkeys more correctly.
  • (enh #393): Minor enhancements to abort events before upload.
  • (enh #392): Enhancements to allow using plugin functions directly.
  • (enh #391): Thumbnail styling enhancements for flash, html, and object types.
  • (enh #390): Thumbnail error display enhancements.
  • (enh #389): New templates and styling enhancements to caption and main buttons.
  • (enh #387): Reset initialCaption better when preview is cleared.
  • (enh #385): Updated Russian & Ukranian translations.
  • (enh #382): Better implementation for parsing text in parseError method.
  • Update translations to include fileActionSettings.
  • (enh #380, #381): Consistent styling for thumbnails.
  • (enh #379): Combine more translatable settings and update locale js files.
  • (enh #378): Ability to configure different icon thumbnails for preview files.
  • (enh #377): Various enhancements to text preview.
  • (enh #373): Default delete ajax request type to POST (instead of DELETE).

version 4.2.5

Date: 27-Jul-2015

  • (enh #372): Create new event filepreajax.
  • (enh #371): Ability to replace files in the preview. New autoReplace property.
  • (bug #370): Reverts #342 with better fix.
  • (enh #362): Add Bulgarian translations.

version 4.2.4

Date: 22-Jul-2015

  • (enh #358): Implement event namespaces and enhance event handling process.
  • (enh #357): Enhanced and better refresh method.
  • (enh #356): Implement destroy method.
  • (enh #351): Updates to Ukranian & Russian translations.
  • (enh #342): Add ability to modify extra data before ajax upload in beforeSend events.
  • (enh #340): Receive previewId and index in extra data for individual thumbnail uploads (ajax).

version 4.2.3

Date: 21-Jun-2015

  • (enh #336): Fixes to reset preview via initUploadSuccess.

version 4.2.2

Date: 18-Jun-2015

  • (enh #332): Bump nuget and bower package versions.

version 4.2.1

Date: 15-Jun-2015

  • (enh #330): Minor enhancements in validating preview and progress bar display.
  • (enh #329): Message translation updates.
  • (bug #328): Implement image dimension validations.
    • New properties added to the plugin:
      • minImageWidth
      • minImageHeight
      • maxImageWidth
      • maxImageHeight
      • msgImageWidthSmall
      • msgImageHeightSmall
      • msgImageWidthLarge
      • msgImageHeightLarge
  • (bug #327): More correct clearing of preview.
  • (bug #315): Fix parsing of preview settings for default (other) preview.
  • (bug #310): Set missing caption icon on error.
  • (enh #309): Fixes for older browsers.
  • (enh #308): Better check for data.error being empty.
  • (enh #307): Allow setting thumbnail frame css class and attributes via initialPreviewConfig.
  • (enh #305): Implement better cleanup of memory with revokeObjectURL.
  • (enh #303): Validate only files to be dragged and dropped.
  • (enh #302): Add Greek (el) translations.
  • (enh #299): Enhancements for displaying uploaded file thumbnails.
    • New property showUploadedThumbs that will display uploaded thumbnails until the remove/clear button is explicitly pressed.
    • New event filesuccessremove. This will be triggered on removing the uploaded thumbnail using the thumbnail delete button. The event shares the following parameters:
      • id: the HTML id attribute of the thumbnail container The event can be set to return false to abort the thumbnail removal.
  • (enh #297): Add Romanian translations.
  • (enh #296): Fixed license identifiers in bower.json and composer.json.
  • (bug #295): Validate overwriteInitial correctly for ajax uploads.
  • (enh #287): Add Brazilian Portugese (pt-BR) translations.
  • (enh #279, #280): Fixed error for failed response types.

version 4.2.0

Date: 11-May-2015

  • (enh #277): New language property to allow configuring multi lang widgets on same page.
  • (enh #275): Add Czech & Slovakian translations.

version 4.1.9

Date: 02-May-2015

  • (bug #273): Reset caption correctly after all initial preview is deleted.
  • (enh #271): Add Dutch translations.
  • (enh #270): Add Portugese translations.
  • (enh #269, #272): Add Turkish translations.
  • (enh #264): Validate input type of file before initializing plugin.
  • (enh #263): Enhance parsing of file preview thumbnails and actions.
  • (enh #259): Add Polish translations.
  • (enh #258): Enhance messages to include file plural and single.
  • (bug #257): Fix upload single to replace thumbs correctly.
  • (bug #253): Fix initial preview delete cache initialization.
  • (enh #252): Enhance async batch completion.
  • (enh #251): Add Italian localizations.
  • (enh #250): Change default slug routine to allow umlauts in filenames.
  • (bug #249): Fix error message content display.
  • (enh #248): keep chinese characters in file caption.
  • (bug #247): Correct mime types validation.
  • (enh #245): Allow initial caption to be set without initial preview.
  • (enh #244): Add Serbian translations.
  • (bug #243): Correct sending of deleteExtraData.
  • (enh #241): Enhancements to initial preview delete to perform validations before delete.
  • (bug #238): Correct initialization of plugin variables when other than maxFileCount & maxFileSize.
  • (enh #237): Better styling of file caption icon.
  • (enh #232): Update docs to reflect updated bootstrap CDN domain.

version 4.1.8

Date: 30-Mar-2015

  • (enh #230): More correct initial preview delete reset.
  • (enh #229): Created French translations.
  • (enh #228): Created Thai translations.
  • (enh #227): Created Ukranian translations and updated Russian translations.
  • (enh #226): Create Spanish (Latin American) translations.
  • (enh #225): Create Russian translations.
  • (enh #222): Enhance to include dynamically replaceable thumbnail tags. Two new properties previewThumbTags and initialPreviewThumbTags will be available for configuration.
  • (enh #218): Do not clear preview for ajaxuploads until remove button clicked.
  • (enh #217): Ensure filebatchselected event is triggered after FileReader completes reading files selected.
  • (enh #216): Add Hungarian Translations.
  • (enh #215): Set default delete method REST compliant.
  • (enh #213): Code cleanup, eliminate change event on clear and properly reset preview cache after ajax deletes.
  • (enh #212): Revamp preview to use a new preview caching object.
  • (enh #211): Add ability to show detailed server error stack via showAjaxErrorDetails.
  • (enh #209): Better validation for folder drag and drop and auto-skip any dropped folders. New property msgFoldersNotAllowed added to the plugin to allow configuring the message shown. The event filefoldererror is triggered when a folder is dragged.
  • (enh #206): Ability to add custom validation and trigger custom error to abort upload.
    • This enhancement will enable you to add your additional custom validations to enhance the fileinput to be used for innumerous scenarios. It will allow an ability to return an associative object with any of the fileinput events (except the error events and the filebatchuploadsuccess or filebatchuploadcomplete) e.g. change, fileselect, filepreupload, filebatchpreupload etc. The object can return the following keys:
      • message: string, the validation error message to be displayed before upload. If this is set the plugin will automatically abort the upload whenever called and display this as an error message. You can use this property for example to read a file and perform your own custom validation.
      • data: object, an optional associative array of additional data that you can pass for usage later.
    • You can get this data by reading abortData in the parameters for the new filecustomerror event. This new event will be triggered during upload, when you have triggered an abort from any of the other events.
  • (enh #205): Allow to auto set initialPreview within filebatchuploadcomplete & filebatchuploadsuccess.
    • Allows you to auto define the initialPreview and initialPreviewConfig after an ajax upload by returning these within the data object from your ajax response on fileuploaded & filebatchuploadsuccess.
  • (enh #204): New properties fileMinCount and msgFilesTooLess (useful to make file input mandatory).
    • The fileMinCount property will allow to set the minimum file count needed before triggering upload. It will work for both ajax uploads and normal form based submission.
    • This will enable you to set the file input to be a mandatory / required input. (e.g. fileMinCount = 1). The msgFilesTooLess will be displayed and error raised.
    • If fileMinCount is set to 0 it will be treated as files are optional and no error will be triggered.
  • (enh #203): Enhancements and revamp of all error events.
    • fileerror
    • fileuploaderror
    • filebatchuploaderror
    • filedeleteerror
    • filefoldererror (new event - see #209)
    • filecustomerror (new event - see #206)
  • (enh #202): Ability to add Translations / Locales.
    • Identify and group all messages that need to be translated configurable via $.fn.fileinput.locales['<lang-code>']
    • Set default english messages configuration $.fn.fileinput.locales['en'] within the plugin core code
    • Individual locale files need to be created as separate js files e.g. <lang>.js
  • (bug #193): Better validation for triggering filebatchuploadcomplete on async batch upload completion.
  • (enh #192): Ability to extend and add one's own ajax settings.
    • New property ajaxDeleteSettings to help extend and add to delete ajax settings.
    • ajaxSettings to help extend and add upload ajax settings
  • (enh #189): Reinitialize initial preview delete events correctly on file selection.
  • (enh #188): Clear fileinput more correctly for all browsers when initialPreview is set enhancement
  • (enh #187): New property previewFileIcon to configure file icon shown in preview for unreadable file types.
  • (enh #184): Fix documentation for filedeleted event.
  • (enh #183): Delete extra data enhancements.
  • (enh #181): Fix change event triggered for IE 11 when file input is set to empty.
  • (enh #179): Validate and cast maxFileSize and maxFileCount to numeric - even if they have been setup as a string.
  • (enh #178): Updated README for cancel button configuration.
  • (enh #177): Trigger filebatchpreupload if showPreview is false.
  • (enh #176): Wrong file in README installation steps fixed.
  • (enh #175): Ability to override delete extra data in initialPreviewConfig.
  • (enh #174): New deleteUrl property.
  • (enh #167, #173): New deleteExtraData property for ajax deletions.
  • (bug #171): Fix typo for files validation.

version 4.1.7

Date: 13-Feb-2015

  • Relocate sample files from examples directory to bootstrap-fileinput-samples repo.
  • Set copyright year to current.
  • (enh #162): New property ajaxSettings to allow configuring ajax params.
  • (bug #160): Correct documentation typo for usage.
  • (bug #159): Ensure filestack is passed correctly with outData for events.
  • (enh #157): Upload progress bar styling enhancements.
    • Allow upload progress bar css class to be configurable
    • Create and allow two different styles/css classes for progress bar
      • progressClass: styling for progress bar when upload is in process
      • progressCompleteClass: styling for progress bar when upload is complete
  • (enh #156): Fix reset of file stack for various upload modes (single, batch async and batch sync).
  • (enh #155): Allow display of long file names without spaces/word breaks.
  • (enh #154): Code cleanup and restructure for JS lint changes (using JSHint Code cleanup library).
  • (enh #153): Improve error handler for trapping FileReader security exceptions and new property msgFileSecured will display the security exception message.
  • (enh #152): New faster replaceAll method instead of regexp parsing to replace tags in templates.
  • (enh #151): New filebatchselected event triggered after every batch of files are selected.
  • (enh #149): Custom tags support for layoutTemplates and previewTemplates (new properties customLayoutTags and customPreviewTags included).

version 4.1.6

Date: 20-Jan-2015

  • (enh #139): Reset file stack correctly on ajax upload completion.
  • (enh #137): Trigger new events - filedisabled and fileenabled.
  • (enh #136):Create new upload method that can be called externally.
  • (enh #131): Allow empty values in extra data to be submitted.

version 4.1.5

Date: 12-Jan-2015

  • (enh #121): Animate progress bars by default for upload progress.
  • (bug #120): Correct multiple iterations of upload for async batch uploads.
  • (enh #119): Enhance caption to include ellipsis for long file names
  • (enh #116): Hide remove and upload buttons until unless file(s) are selected.
  • (enh #115): Autosize file caption responsively on window resize.
  • (bug #114): Prevent multiple file selection when using single file configuration.
  • (bug #113): Icon layout template undefined when using user template.
  • (bug #112): Fix undefined filestack for individual file upload within preview.
  • (enh #108): Add nuget package.
  • (enh #106): Enhance events for ajax requests and enable cancelling sync uploads
  • (enh #105): Expose current jqXHR object on ajax events.
  • (bug #104): Fix formdata not defined.
  • (bug #100, #101): Set right params for error thrown during reading of files.

version 4.1.4

Date: 26-Dec-2014

  • (bug #97): Reset events correctly with plugin refresh method.
  • (bug #95): Correct event off for drag & drop in plugin refresh method.
  • Code cleanup with reusable methods for event raising and outData generation.
  • (enh #93): Better styling of file upload icon indicators in thumbnails.
  • (enh #92): Realign event triggering timing for batch uploads to ensure outData is available.
  • (enh #91): Pass FileReader instance with outData in events.
  • (enh #90): New event filebatchpreupload for both synchronous and asynchronous batch uploads.
  • (enh #89): New otherActionButtons to allow adding customized initial preview content actions.
  • (enh #88): Allow uploadExtraData to be passed as a callback.

version 4.1.3

Date: 20-Dec-2014

  • (enh #87): More correct progress indicator percentage for asynchronous upload.
    • filepreupload
    • fileuploaded
    • fileuploaderror
    • filebatchuploaderror
    • filebatchuploadsuccess
    • filebatchuploadcomplete
  • (enh #86): Disable thumbnail action buttons when upload is in progress.
  • (enh #85): Combine output data as a single object, that is sent for various file upload events.

version 4.1.2

Date: 19-Dec-2014

  • (enh #81): Add new events:
    • filebatchuploadsuccess
    • filebatchuploadcomplete
  • (enh #80): Allow access to uploadExtraData and responseData to following events
    • filepreupload
    • fileuploaded
    • fileuploaderror
    • filebatchuploaderror
    • filebatchuploadsuccess
    • filebatchuploadcomplete
    • filelock
    • fileunlock

version 4.1.1

Date: 18-Dec-2014

  • (bug #78): Set uploadExtraData parameters to be correctly sent via POST.
  • (bug #76): Update filestack when showPreview is false.
  • (enh #58): Set a new property textEncoding for reading the text files with right encoding.

version 4.1.0

Date: 17-Dec-2014

  • (enh #75): Better validation of browser support for drag and drop.
  • (enh #74): Enhancements to file validation errors for both FORM and AJAX uploads.
    • For normal Form based uploads automatically disable the Upload button
    • Display a separate error styled thumbnail for the file that faced the validation error.
    • Reset errors correctly to overwrite files with a new change or drag/drop

version 4.0.0

Date: 14-Dec-2014

  • (bug #72): Fix bootstrap ## version constraint.
  • Renamed initialDelimiter to initialPreviewDelimiter
  • (enh #70): Version 4.0 enhancements.

Version 4.0 Features

  • Add functionality for AJAX based UPLOAD using HTML5 FormData (most modern browsers support it). Will degrade to normal Form Based File submission if this is not supported.
  • To use AJAX Upload, the uploadUrl property is MANDATORY and must be set.
  • Enhance plugin to now allow files to be added, appended, removed (based on FEEDBACK from many). Thus one can append files to preview.
  • New DRAG & DROP zone available in preview to drag and drop files and append.
  • Delete or upload files one by one OR in batch.
  • If showPreview is set to false, or uploadUrl is not supported plugin will degrade to normal form based upload.
  • Configurable indicators for file awaiting upload, file successfully uploaded, files errored in upload.
  • Ability to add extra form data with ajax based uploads.
  • Upload progress bar and individual thumbnail upload indicators.
  • Ability to cancel and abort ongoing AJAX uploads.
  • Templates have been revamped and enhanced for each file type.
  • Ensure plugin is still lean in size and optimized for performance inspite of the above features by optimally utilizing HTML5 & jquery features only.

New properties added

  • showCancel: shows a cancel button for aborting ajax uploads (defaults to true).
  • cancelLabel: label for the cancel button.
  • cancelTitle: title for the cancel button on hover.
  • cancelIcon: icon markup for the cancel button
  • cancelClass: CSS class for the cancel button.
  • removeTitle: title for the remove button on hover.
  • uploadTitle: title for the upload button on hover.
  • uploadUrl: the url that will be used to process AJAX based uploads (using FormData XHR2).
  • uploadExtraData: extra data that will be passed as data to the url/AJAX server call via POST
  • uploadAsync: whether the batch upload of multiple files will be asynchronous/in parallel. Defaults to true.
  • initialPreviewShowDelete: shows a delete button for each initial preview content's thumbnail (defaults to true).
  • initialPreviewConfig: configuration for setting up each initialPreviewContent item (associative array/object)
    • caption: The caption or filename to display for each initial preview item content.
    • width: The CSS width of the image/content displayed.
    • url: The URL for deleting the image/content via AJAX (shown only for initialPreviewContent).
    • key: The key that will be passed to the URL via POST (shown only for initialPreviewContent).
  • dropZoneEnabled: Enable a drag and drop zone for dragging files and is available only for ajax based uploads (defaults to true).
  • dropZoneTitle: Title to be displayed in the drag & drop zone.
  • dropZoneTitleClass: CSS class for the drag & drop zone title.
  • fileActionSettings: configuration for setting up actions for newly selected file thumbnails in the preview (associative array/object)
    • removeIcon: icon for remove button to be displayed in each file thumbnail.
    • removeClass: CSS class for the remove button in each file thumbnail.
    • removeTitle: title for remove button in each file thumbnail.
    • uploadIcon: icon for upload button to be displayed in each file thumbnail.
    • uploadClass: CSS class for the remove button in each file thumbnail.
    • uploadTitle: title for remove button in each file thumbnail.
    • indicatorNew: an indicator (HTML markup) for new pending upload displayed in each file thumbnail.
    • indicatorSuccess: an indicator (HTML markup) for successful upload displayed in each file thumbnail.
    • indicatorError: an indicator (HTML markup) for error in upload displayed in each file thumbnail.
    • indicatorLoading: an indicator (HTML markup) for ongoing upload displayed in each file thumbnail.
    • indicatorNewTitle: title to display on hover of indicator for new pending upload in each file thumbnail.
    • indicatorSuccessTitle: title to display on hover of indicator for successful in each file thumbnail.
    • indicatorErrorTitle: title to display on hover of indicator for error in upload in each file thumbnail.
    • indicatorLoadingTitle: title to display on hover of indicator for ongoing upload in each file thumbnail.

version 3.0.0

Date: 08-Dec-2014

  • (bug #68): Fix refresh method of the fileinput to trigger change correctly.
  • (enh #67): Enhance support for IE browsers
    • Add specific validations for parsing IE versions rightly
    • Enhance plugin to extend styling support to IE 9 (with the limitation that IE 9 does not support HTML 5 features like multiple file upload)
    • Fix clearing of file input rightly for IE 9 & IE 10
    • Degrade plugin automatically to a native file input for older IE versions
    • Prevent change method firing twice when file is cleared after error is encountered in IE 11.
  • (enh #65): Correct validation of refreshPreview using updateFileDetails.
  • (enh #64): Add ability to override the slug method with a slugCallback property.
  • (bug #61): Refresh preview to show errors correctly after each file is validated.
  • (enh #60): Enhance upload button for disable/enable when used with <a> tag.

version 2.9.0

Date: 23-Nov-2014

  • (enh #56): Trigger new events filebrowse and fileselectnone.
  • (enh #55): Clear the files when file browse dialog is cancelled only if the browser clears the native file input.
  • (enh #53): Validations and events for right reset of files when browse button is clicked.

version 2.8.0

Date: 13-Nov-2014

  • (enh #52): Raise new fileimageloaded event.
  • (enh #51): Autosize preview images when they exceed the size of the preview container.
  • (enh #50): Dynamically auto size file captions for long file names exceeding container width. New property autoFitCaption is added which defaults to true. When this is true the plugin will auto fit caption text within the container dynamically and responsively based on window size.

version 2.7.0

Date: 11-Nov-2014

  • (enh #49): Set image preview dimensions to auto fit and center
  • (enh #48): Trigger fileloaded event when showPreview is false.
  • Set release to stable in composer.json.

version 2.6.0

Date: 15-Oct-2014

  • (bug #44): Browser IE10 hangs on file clear.
  • (bug #43): Validate special characters in filename before generating caption.
  • (enh #42): Enhance plugin to configure the elErrorContainer for displaying validation errors.
  • Templatize errorContainer for display within the preview window.
  • (bug #40): More correct fix for IE (ver < 11) inability to clear fileinput values.

version 2.5.0

Date: 09-Oct-2014

  • (bug #40): Fix IE (ver < 11) inability to clear fileinput values.
  • (bug #39): HTML encode caption hover title.
  • (enh #38): Highlight error CSS in file caption on validation error.
  • (bug #37): HTML encode text content for preview in modal.
  • (enh #36): New feature. Validation routine for checking allowed file types and extensions.

version 2.4.0

Date: 20-Sep-2014

  • (enh #33): Better text format validation and correct modal preview.
  • (enh #32): Added checks for file api support.
  • (enh #31): Better control and configuration of preview templates.
  • (enh #30): Enhanced generic support for more preview formats (audio, video, html, flash, and other objects).

Note: There are BC Breaking Changes with release v2.4.0.

With release v2.4.0, the plugin has been revamped to support and configure a wide variety of file formats for preview. This may break some backward compatibility (BC) for older versions that use custom templates.

The following are the major changes with release v2.4.0:

  • Plugin has been revamped to build preview intelligence based on various file preview types. The inbuilt file support types are categorized as image, text, html, video, audio, flash, object, and other.
  • allowedPreviewTypes: You can now configure which all file types are allowed to be shown as a preview. This defaults to ['image', 'html', 'text', 'video', 'audio', 'flash', 'object']. Thus all file types are treated as an object to preview by default. For exampleTo preview only image and video, you can set this to ['image', 'video'].
  • allowedPreviewMimeTypes: In addition to allowedPreviewTypes, you can also control which all mime types can be displayed for preview. This defaults to null, meaning all mime types are supported.
  • layoutTemplates: Allows you to configure all layout template settings within one property. The layout objects that can be configured are: main1, main2, preview, caption, and modal.
  • previewTemplates: All preview templates for each preview type have been combined into one property, instead of separate templates for image, text etc. The keys are the formats as set in allowedPreviewTypes and values are the templates used for previewing. There are default prebuilt templates for each preview file type (generic, image, text, html, video, audio, flash, object, and other). The generic template is used only for displaying initialPreview content using direct markup.
  • previewSettings: Allows you to configure width and height for each preview image type. The plugin has default widths and heights predefined for each type i.e image, text, html, video, audio, flash, and object.
  • fileTypeSettings: Allows you to configure and identify each preview file type using a callback. The plugin has default callbacks predefined to identify each type i.e image, text, html, video, audio, flash, and object.
  • Replacing tags within templates has been enhanced. With this release it will automatically check for multiple occurrences of each tag to replace within a template string.

NOTE: Flash preview will require Shockwave flash to be installed and supported by the client browser. The flash preview currently works successfully with webkit browsers only. Video & Audio formats are however supported by all modern browsers that support the HTML5 video/audio tags. Note that browsers have limited number of video/audio formats supported by the HTML5 video element (e.g. mp4, webm, ogg, mp3, wav). The size of video files are recommended to be small (to be controlled through maxFileSize property) so that it does not affect the preview performance. You can copy a few files from the examples directory of this plugin repo, to test a few examples of flash and video files.

version 2.3.0

Date: 19-Sep-2014

  • Better replacement of tags in templates. Replaces all tag occurences with this new release.
  • (enh #28, #29): Added support for previewing flash and video files.

version 2.2.0

Date: 19-Aug-2014

  • (enh #25): Graceful degrade to normal file input for older browsers (including previous versions of Safari).
  • (enh #24): Update readAsBinaryString to readAsArrayBuffer

version 2.1.0

Date: 11-Aug-2014

  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • (enh #22): Enhance file caption message display for validation errors.
  • (enh #21): Enhance loading progress message and message templates for multiple file uploads.
  • (enh #21): Enhance multiple file upload and preview performance using setTimeout.
  • (enh #20): Fix fileloaded event to increment previewId and enhance to return file index.
  • (enh #19): Synchronize preview with file browse dialog behavior, when cancel button is pressed in file dialog window.
  • (enh #18): Better validation for older browsers (not supporting HTML5) to degrade to normal file input.
  • Enhanced plugin to improve browser performance when loading and previewing multiple image files.
  • New configurable error messages added: msgFilesTooMany, msgFileNotFound, msgFileNotReadable, msgFilePreviewAborted, and msgFilePreviewError.
  • New configuration property added: maxFilesCount. Defaults to 0 which means unlimited.
  • (enh #16, #17): Added exception handling for trapping FileReader API errors

version 2.0.0

Date: 25-Jul-2014

  • Added delimiter option for initialPreview to pass multiple content delimited as a string.
  • Automatic scale images for preview, when images are too wide to fit in container.
  • Correct calculation of files selected when initPreview is false.
  • Make caption text configurable through a new parameter msgSelected.
  • Enhanced configurable templates for previewing image, text, and other files (and a generic template).
  • New plugin methods added: disable, enable
  • New plugin events added: fileerror, fileloaded, filecleared.
  • (enh #15): Enhanced validation of file size through maxFileSize configuration.
  • (enh #12, #13, #14): Various enhancements and fixes.

version 1.9.0

Date: 21-Jul-2014

  • (enh #10): Ability to display initial caption, when initialPreview is false.
  • (enh #9): Enhanced caption template and styling for captions to prevent overflow of long file names out of the caption container.

version 1.8.0

Date: 15-Jul-2014

  • (enh #9): Enhanced caption template and styling for captions to prevent overflow of long file names out of the caption container.

version 1.7.0

Date: 02-Jul-2014

  • The plugin now offers an additional overwriteInitial option. This is by default set to true, whereby, any initialPreview content set will be overwritten, when new file is uploaded or when files are cleared. Setting it to false will help displaying a saved image or file from database always - useful especially when using the multiple file upload feature.

version 1.6.0

Date: 03-Jun-2014

  • The plugin now offers an additional refresh method. This enables you to dynamically change element attributes or plugin options at runtime and refresh the widget.

version 1.5.0

Date: 23-May-2014

  • The plugin now offers an option to display initial preview of images/text/other files. This is useful for record update scenarios. This can be a single image/file or an array of images/files.
  • Extending to the above feature, the plugin also allows you to set a preview caption for the initial preview field.
  • The following element identifiers need to be passed as a string like '#id' instead of a JQuery object:
    • elCaptionContainer
    • elCaptionText
    • elPreviewContainer
    • elPreviewImage
    • elPreviewStatus

version 1.0.0

Date: 01-Jan-2014

Initial release. The following features are included in this release:

  • The plugin will convert a simple HTML file input to an advanced file picker control. Will help fallback to a file input for browsers not supporting JQuery or Javascript.
  • The file input consists of the following three sections with options and templates to control the display:
    • file caption section: to display a brief information of the file(s) selected
    • file action buttons section: to browse, remove, and upload files.
    • file preview section: to display the selected files on client for preview (supports images and text file types). Other file types will be displayed as normal thumbnails.
  • The plugin automatically converts an input with type = file to an advanced file picker input if you set its class = file. All options to the input can be passed as HTML5 data attributes.
  • Ability to select and preview multiple files. Uses HTML 5 File reader API to read and preview files. Displays the progress of files being being loaded onto the preview zone, in case many files are chosen.
  • Offers predefined templates and CSS classes which can be changed to style your file-input display as per your needs.
  • Option to show/hide any or all of the following:
    • caption section
    • preview section
    • upload button
    • remove button
  • Customise the location of the target container elements to display the entire plugin, the caption container, the caption text, the preview container, preview image, and preview status.
  • For text file previews, autowrap the text to the thumbnail width, and show a wrap indicator link to display complete text on hover. You can customize the wrap indicator (which defaults to …).
  • Customise the messages for preview, progress, and files selected.
  • Upload action defaults to form submit. Supports an upload route/server action parameter for custom ajax based upload.
  • Triggers JQuery events for advanced development. Events currently available are filereset and fileclear.
  • Disabled and readonly file input support.
  • Size of the entire plugin is less than 11KB (about 9KB for the minified JS and 2KB for the minified CSS).