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Change Log: yii2-datecontrol

version 1.9.8

Date: 03-Feb-2020

  • (enh #133): Correct conversion for FORMAT_DATE.

version 1.9.7

Date: 23-Sep-2018

  • Move all source code to the src directory.
  • Enhancements to support Bootstrap v4.x.
  • (enh #124): Load settings from request in ParseController.php.
  • (bug #121): Add delay before run validate(), while "timepicker" make changes.
  • (enh #120): Better post params validation.
  • (enh #113): Correct empty value validation.

version 1.9.6

Date: 14-Jan-2017

  • Better configuration for Module::convertAction.
  • (bug #108): Initialize auto widget options correctly.
  • (bug #106): More correct validation for guessing date without ajax conversion.
  • (bug #105): Set date control plugin data correctly within widget options.
  • (enh #96, #102): Ignore timezone conversion for DateControl::FORMAT_DATE.
  • (enh #92): Implement following DateControl plugin events that can be listened via jQuery/javascript:
    • beforechange.datecontrol: will be triggered before an ajax request is sent when changing the date input on client.
    • changesuccess.datecontrol: will be triggered after successful change of a date on the client(applicable for both ajax or non ajax conversions).
    • changeerror.datecontrol: will be triggered when the ajax conversion service returns an error status.
    • changecomplete.datecontrol: will be triggered after completion of an ajax conversion service.
    • changeajaxerror.datecontrol: will be triggered when any exception or error is thrown during the ajax conversion.
    • afterpaste.datecontrol: will be triggered when a data is pasted in the date input on the client.

version 1.9.5

Date: 08-Dec-2016

  • Add github contribution and issue/PR logging templates.
  • Enhance PHP Documentation for all classes and methods in the extension.
  • Add branch alias for dev-master latest release.
  • (enh #94): Add paste support for DateControl.
  • (bug #103): BC BREAKING CHANGE: A new property widgetOptions is available. This property will replace the options property for the scenario when autoWidget or widgetClass is set.

version 1.9.4

Date: 30-Jul-2015

  • (enh #69): Better format conversion to reset unprovided fields to the Unix Epoch.
  • (bug #68): Better strpos validation before ajax conversion.
  • (enh #67): Allow multiple locale widgets to be parsed correctly on same page.

version 1.9.3

Date: 19-Jul-2015

  • (enh #66): Localisation format parsing enhancements.
  • (enh #59): Enhancements for parsing yii2-widget-datepicker better.
  • Undo #50 - remove timestamp increase through up/down keys.

version 1.9.2

Date: 02-Jun-2015

  • (enh #58, #60): Fix for triggering asynchronous change event.
  • (bug #51): Typo in plugin validation for type.
  • (bug #50): Pressing up/down keys to increase/decrease timestamp.

version 1.9.1

Date: 13-Feb-2015

  • Set copyright year to current.
  • (bug #43): Allow datecontrol module to be used as an embedded submodule.
  • (bug #42): Prevent double ajax requests due to plugin internal change events getting triggered.
  • (bug #39): Ensure datecontrol is validated on blur.
  • (enh #37): Wrong capitalization in 'autoClose'.
  • (bug #36): Update default save format settings to php: syntax.

version 1.9.0

Date: 13-Dec-2014

  • (bug #35): Auto convert display and save formats correctly to PHP DateTime format.
  • (bug #34): Bug in Module Methods "getDisplayFormat" and "getSaveFormat" converted a correct php format in an incorrect one.
  • (bug #34): Locals with short language code like "de" haven't been found because "prefix" was not in string.

version 1.8.0

Date: 04-Dec-2014

  • (enh #33): Auto validate disability using new disabled and readonly properties in InputWidget
  • (enh #31): Enhance widget to use updated plugin registration from Krajee base

version 1.7.0

Date: 17-Nov-2014

  • (enh #28, #29): DateTime createFromFormat wrongly uses current timestamp in time part for bare DATE format.
  • (enh #27): Added property for switching between asynchronous or synchronous request via Ajax.

version 1.6.0

Date: 10-Nov-2014

  • Set dependency on Krajee base component.

version 1.5.0

Date: 10-Oct-2014

  • (enh #22): Extension revamped to support PHP and ICU date formats

version 1.4.0

Date: 08-Oct-2014

  • (enh #21): Enhance date format con## version based on new yii helper FormatConverter (enrica).

version 1.3.0

Date: 24-Jul-2014

  • (enh #18): Included timezone support for display and save formats (requires ajaxConversion).
  • PSR 4 alias change

version 1.2.0

Date: 24-Jul-2014

  • (enh #14, #15): Revamped and enhanced datecontrol plugin to work with the php-date-formatter.js jQuery plugin.
  • The extension now has an option to either use ajaxConversion OR use client level javascript validation to convert date. Ajax con## version is disabled by default.
  • Change and Keydown events revamped. The extension now automatically listens to the UP and DOWN presses for the DatePicker widget.
  • Preconfigured locales matching DatePicker. Includes a locales folder for date settings configuration for each language.
  • Ability to override locale date settings at runtime for each DateControl widget instance.

version 1.1.0

Date: 26-Jun-2014

  • (enh #12): Updated documentation for new autoWidgetSettings as per enh # 9.
  • (enh #11): Use date con## version using PHP DateTime instead of Yii formatter
  • (bug #10): Fix DatePicker convertFormat to work with DateControl.
  • (enh #9): Included autoWidgetSettings in module, for configuring global settings for kartik\widgets when autoWidget is true.
  • (enh #9): Defaulting rules vastly enhanced. Included the configurable properties dateControlDisplay and dateControlSave in Yii::$app->params, which can override the module level displaySettings and saveSettings.
  • (enh #4): Fix documentation to include right namespace for Module.
  • (enh #4): Fix documentation to include right namespace for Module.
  • (bug #3): Fix AutoWidget Plugin Options using right array merge.

version 1.0.0

Date: 01-Jun-2014 Initial release