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Change Log: yii2-dynagrid

Version 1.4.8

Date: 15-Feb-2018

  • Update copyright year to current.
  • (enh #188): Reset and cleanup bootstrap modals on pjax reload.
  • (enh #183, #182): Update DynaGridStore.php for yii 2.0.13 support.
  • (enh #180): Enhance dynagrid config form when all settings are hidden.
  • (enh #177, #178): Update French Translations.
  • (enh #176): Update German Translations.

Version 1.4.7

Date: 23-Oct-2017

  • (enh #170): Add ability to configure one's own module identifier.

Version 1.4.6

Date: 15-Sep-2017

  • (enh #169): Enhance to generate unique input identifiers for dynagrid config & settings (allows multiple dynagrids to be rendered on same page).
  • (enh #168): Allow pageSize to be null when allowPageSetting is false.
  • (enh #167): Enhance dialog for confirmation & prompts to use Krajee Dialog extension.
  • (bug #166): Fix bug in client script causing dynagrid to break after filtering.
  • (enh #165): Eliminate dependency on Yii session component for module init.
  • (enh #163): Add ability to configure db connection component.
  • Code optimizations for Dynagrid jQuery plugin.
  • (enh #161): Enhance dynagrid form submission to prevent enter key submitting the form wrongly.
  • Chronological ordering of issues for change log.
  • (bug #156): Correct dynagrid detail minified JS file.
  • (enh #154): Hash signature validation for security.
  • (enh #153): Enhance filter/sort settings update for database storage.

Version 1.4.5

Date: 07-Apr-2017

  • Generate message files for all common languages.
  • Update copyright year to current.
  • Add github contribution and issue/PR logging templates.
  • Code cleanup and enhance PHP Doc for all classes.
  • (enh #151): Enhance pagination application for SqlDataProvider.
  • (bug #149): Added missing hash tag for dynagrid id.
  • (enh #148): Update Portuguese BR Translations.
  • (enh #141, #145): Refresh data provider when using ArrayDataProvider .
  • (enh #143): Update Greek Translations.
  • (enh #138): Update German Translations.
  • (enh #136): Update Dutch Translations.
  • (enh #134): Update Simplified Chinese Translations.
  • (enh #131): Add Unicode support for column name.
  • (enh #128): Update Czech Translations.
  • (enh #126): Multiple selection bug workaround.
  • Implement trait and enhance #105 for better translations.
  • Add branch alias for dev-master latest release.
  • (enh #123): Update Hungarian Translations.
  • (enh #119): More correct ordering info via getAttributeOrders for sort.
  • (enh #116): Add Estonian Translations.
  • (enh #114): Add getColumns method.
  • (enh #109): Add Simplified Chinese Translations.
  • (enh #105): Add Italian Translations and enhance translation for dynagrid category.
  • (enh #96): Add Polish Translations.
  • (enh #95): Update Spanish Translations.
  • (enh #93): Update Portuguese BR Translations.
  • (bug #92): Automatically move dynagrid related modal dialog content after dynagrid container.

Version 1.4.4

Date: 04-Aug-2015

  • (enh #84): Better validation for checking jquery plugin existence before reinit.
  • (bug #73): Validate theme if it does not exist and set it to default module theme.
  • (bug #69): Fix bug for initS2Loading.
  • (bug #64): Apply sort correctly on init.
  • (enh #63): Add Czech translations.

Version 1.4.3

Date: 16-Jun-2015

  • (enh #67): Set composer ## Version dependencies.
  • (enh #66): Add column icon indicators for visible and hidden columns.
  • (enh #63): Add Czech translations.
  • (enh #62): Update German translations .
  • (enh #61): Ability to disable pagination and sort for the grid.
  • (enh #60): New property allowPageSetting.
  • (enh #59): Allow setting unlimited page size.

Version 1.4.2

Date: 22-May-2015

  • (enh #57): Add Russian translations.
  • (enh #56): Reload Dynagrid jquery plugins after pjax grid refresh.
  • (bug #54): Fix dynagrid config save when allowThemeSetting is false.
  • (enh #52): Add Dutch translations.
  • (enh #49): Add migrations to allow module based "auto install".
  • (enh #40): Add allowThemeSetting to allow display/setup of theme.

Version 1.4.1

Date: 13-Feb-2015

  • Set copyright year to current.
  • (enh #45): Allow dynagrid to be used as a sub-module.

Version 1.4.0

Date: 12-Jan-2015

  • Revamp to use new Krajee base Module and TranslationTrait.
  • Code formatting updates as per Yii2 standards.
  • (enh #43): Spanish translations added.
  • (bug #35): Typo fix for extra { in DynaGridDetail.

Version 1.3.0

Date: 25-Nov-2014

  • Fix #34: Correct deletion of filter and sort settings
  • Fix #33: Ensure correct form submission for pjax
  • Set release to stable
  • Set dependency on Krajee base components
  • PSR4 alias change

Version 1.2.0

Date: 25-Oct-2014

  • (bug #30): Fix dynagrid validation when no filterModel is supplied.
  • (enh #29): Enhance refresh of dynagrid active form and plugin elements for PJAX reload.
  • (enh #28): Add support to delete and modify personalization settings at grid level, or filter and sort level.
  • (enh #27): Add support to save grid sort.
  • (enh #26): Add support to save grid search/filters.
  • (enh #25): Implement dynagrid storage as an object.

Version 1.1.0

Date: 19-Sep-2014

  • PSR 4 alias change
  • (enh #24): Enhance dynagrid to be more extensible by allowing to change grid options at runtime.
  • (enh #23): added support for Pjax based rendering
  • (enh #22): modified entire modal to be auto-moved after the dynagrid container
  • (bug #21): Ensure correct merging of gridOptions with theme options.

Version 1.0.0

Date: 01-May-2014

Initial release (01-May-2014). The major features provided by the yii2-dynagrid module are:

  • Personalize, set, and save grid page size at runtime. You can set the minimum and maximum page size allowed.
  • Personalize the grid columns display through drag and drop. Reorder grid columns and set the visibility of needed columns, and allow users to save this setting. Control which columns can be reordered by users through predefined columns setup. Predetermine which of your desired columns will be always fixed to the left or right by default.
  • Personalize grid appearance and set the grid theme. This will offer advanced customization to the grid layout. It allows users to virtually style grid anyway they want, based on how you define themes and extend them to your users. With yii2-grid extension, and panels, you can easily setup themes for users in many ways. You have an ability to setup multiple themes in your module configuration, and allow users to select one of them. The extension by default includes some predefined themes for you to get started.
  • Allow you to save the dynamic grid configuration specific to each user or global level. One of the following storage options are made available to store the personalized grid configuration:
    • Session Storage (default)
    • Cookie Storage
    • Database Storage
  • The extension automatically validates and loads the saved configuration based on the stored settings.

Additional Fixes in v1.0.0:

  • (enh #20): Private variables changed to protected.
  • (enh #19): If storage is empty display all valid columns
  • (bug #18): Allow empty keys on DB.
  • (bug #17): Enable display of other toolbar buttons when showPersonalize is false.
  • (bug #16): Correct order of visible columns (DB) in the personalize modal.
  • (enh #15): Added showPersonalize property to configure whether personalize will be shown.
  • (bug #13): You must setup a unique identifier for DynaGrid within "options['id']".
  • (bug #12): Mention that the personalization is stored with the widget ID.
  • (bug #7): Before and after do not work.
  • (bug #6): Bug in getDataFromDb.
  • (bug #4): Only variables should be passed by reference.
  • (bug #2): Class 'kartik\sortable\Sortable' not found.