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@kartik-v kartik-v released this Nov 7, 2014

Date: 04-Nov-2014

  1. (enh #110): Various export functionality enhancements:
    • Add a separate export popup progress window.
    • Setup a confirmation prompt to allow user to confirm if file is to be downloaded.
    • Separate messages configuration for all export related notifications.
    • Asynchronous export process on the separate window - and avoid any grid refresh
    • Set export mime types to be configurable
    • Add support for exporting new file types:
      • JSON export
      • PDF export (using yii2-mpdf extension)
    • Add functionality for full data export
    • Enhance icons formatting for export file types (and beautify optionally using font awesome)
  2. (enh #112): Toggle data button to allow toggling between all data and paginated data.
  3. (enh #113): Enhance the PDF export generation method to allow generation of formatted reports.
  4. (enh #114): Add hiddenFromExport property for all grid columns.
  5. (enh #115): Add ability to plugin yii2-export extension for full grid data export.
  6. (bug #118): Validate if toggleGridData is used in the extension.
  7. (enh #121): Portugese translations.
  8. (enh #122): Hungarian translations.
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