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@kartik-v kartik-v released this Nov 21, 2014

Date: 20-Nov-2014

  1. (enh #139): German translations updated.
  2. (enh #140): French translations added.
  3. (bug #141): Enhance EditableColumn to have unique attribute input ids yet the same name.
  4. (bug #142): Fix missing headers in export, due to improper floatThead settings.
  5. (bug #143): Ability to disable / hide GridView panel footer.
  6. (enh #144): Revamp templates to easily configure different parts of the grid panel layout. (BC breaking change).
  7. (enh #145): Enhance style to enable floated header wrapper tables to autofit/expand inside panel.
  8. (bug #146): Create Spanish translations.
  9. (bug #147): ActionColumn dropdownButton label changes value only for 1st row.
  10. (bug #148): Enhance EditableColumn to render unique ids for input widgets.
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