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@kartik-v kartik-v released this Feb 13, 2015 · 396 commits to master since this release

Date: 13-Feb-2015

  1. (bug #178): Enhance CheckboxColumn to allow contentOptions to be set as Closure.
  2. (enh #178): New validation of contentOptions for all the extended grid Columns.
  3. Code formatting updates as per Yii2 coding style.
  4. (bug #180): Fix namespaces of classes.
  5. Revamp to use new Krajee base Module and TranslationTrait.
  6. (bug #183): Implement alignment validation for content within ActionColumn.
  7. (bug #184): Correct the dependency on kartik\mpdf\Pdf for export.
  8. (bug #185): Set right jQuery selector for grid table export.
  9. (enh #186): New feature - Allow resizing of columns like a spreadsheet.
  10. (enh #188): Eliminate filter row and all form inputs from export.
  11. (enh #189): Various performance enhancements to client script and plugin registrations.
  12. (bug #190): Allow editable beforeInput in EditableColumn to be passed as Closure.
  13. (bug #191): Correct Closure namespace for value validation in GridView.
  14. (bug #192): Correct value callback in FormulaColumn.
  15. (enh #198): Better container for initializing resizableColumns.
  16. (enh #200): Expand row loading indicator reset for ajax load.
  17. (enh #202, #203): Fix grid container overflow and responsive property.
  18. (enh #207): Fix EditableColumn to have absolute reference to Closure.
  19. (enh #209): Code cleanup and restructure for various JS lint changes (using JSHint Code cleanup library).
  20. (enh #213): Default persistResize to false to prevent client caching of column widths.
  21. (bug #214): Fix EditableColumn Closure use bug.
  22. (bug #215): Add Simplified Chinese message translations.
  23. (bug #216): Fix resizable columns container identifier.
  24. (enh #218): Allow gridview to be used as a sub-module.
  25. (enh #221): Trim json exported fields by default.
  26. (enh #226): Updated Russian Translations.
  27. (enh #227): New grid column extension RadioColumn.
  28. Set copyright year to current.
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