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@kartik-v kartik-v released this May 10, 2015 · 353 commits to master since this release

Date: 11-May-2015

  1. (enh #261): Allow initialization of ExpandRowColumn cells even if they are hidden.
  2. (enh #263): Added fa-IR (Farsi) translations.
  3. (enh #268): Fix BooleanColumn::falseIcon default.
  4. (enh #271): Better parsing of hidden columns to calculate ExpandRowColumn rowspan.
  5. (enh #272): New property ExpandRowColumn::expandOneOnly to allow only one row to expand at a time.
  6. (enh #282, #284): Allow disabling click behavior for specific elements when ExpandRowColumn::enableRowClick is true.
  7. (enh #287): Allow columns to be highlighted on initialization of CheckboxColumn.
  8. (enh #288): Enhance grid export plugin to clean up hyperlink tags within table header.
  9. (enh #290): Allow expandOneOnly property behavior even if allowBatchToggle is set to false.
  10. (enh #291): ExpandRowColumn styling enhancements.
  11. (enh #296): Responsively wrap table columns for smaller screen devices.
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