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@kartik-v kartik-v released this Oct 22, 2016 · 179 commits to master since this release

Date: 22-Oct-2016

  1. (enh #554): Add ability to configure delete confirmation message within ActionColumn::deleteOptions.
  2. (bug #556): Correct expandRow behavior when using with detailUrl pjax form.
  3. (bug #557): Update Ukranian Translations.
  4. (enh #561): Enhance ExpandRowColumn to better support nested grid views and nested tree expansion.
  5. (enh #562): Enhance EditableColumnAction to support model scenario as a parameter.
  6. (enh #564): Enhance page summary to render within table body and add new propertyGridView::pageSummaryContainer.
  7. Enhance PHP Documentation for all classes and methods in the extension.
  8. (enh #565): Better exported content parsing for header, footer, and page summary.
  9. (enh #578): Update Italian Translations.
  10. (enh #542, #579): Allow thousandSep config for grid group summary.
  11. (enh #580): Update Dutch Translations.
  12. (enh #581): Update Chinese Translations.
  13. (enh #583): Add Gujarati and Hindi Translations.
  14. (enh #584): Update Vietnamese Translations.
  15. Update message config to include all default standard translation files.
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