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@kartik-v kartik-v released this Jun 8, 2017 · 145 commits to master since this release

Date: 08-Jun-2017

  • Updates to copyright year.
  • (enh #626): Correct expand row jquery events to start with kvexprow: instead of kvexprow..
  • (bug #624): Call floatThead('reflow') after resizing columns so that the floating head is also resized.
  • (enh #619): Correct nested expanded rows using GridView::ROW_EXPANDED.
  • (enh #604): Fix PDF class name check error.
  • (enh #601, #572): Silently disable PDF when dependency is not available.
  • (enh #600): Enhance security for ExportController actions using a stateless signature to prevent data tampering:
    • New property Module::exportEncryptSalt available to generate a stateless hashed signature.
    • If exportEncryptSalt is not set, it will be randomly generated and stored in a session variable.
    • Export settings will be signed and the same data via POST will be cross checked using yii\base\Security::hashData and yii\base\Security::validateData.
  • Code enhancements for grid group.
  • (enh #592): Convert encoding for non UTF-8 content in CSV and Text exports.
  • (enh #588): Update Hungarian Translations.
  • (enh #587, #586): Fix for expanding row on init.
  • (enh #542): More correct group summation.
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