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@kartik-v kartik-v released this Dec 17, 2016 · 71 commits to master since this release

Date: 16-Dec-2016

  • (enh #98): Add new bool property TreeViewInput::autoCloseOnSelect.
  • (enh #99): Add Chinese translations
  • (enh #100): Add composer branch alias to allow getting latest dev-master updates.
  • (bug #103, #104): Correct init of options and registration of assets in TreeViewInput.
  • (enh #105): Generate unique nodeSelected session identifier for every TreeView widget instance.
  • (enh #112): Add French translations.
  • (enh #113): Option to change node label.
  • (enh #118): Allow configuring order of toolbar buttons.
  • (enh #119): Add db migrations functionality.
  • (enh #120): Add Persian translations.
  • (enh #122): Add Estonian translations.
  • (bug #127): Fix migration namespace.
  • (bug #128): Correct asset dependency.
  • (enh #129): More correct defaulting of CSS classes.
  • (enh #137): Add Dutch translations.
  • (enh #138): Add Finnish translations.
  • (enh #142): Implement Krajee Dialog for all alerts and confirmation.
  • (enh #143): Enhance security for NodeController actions using a stateless signature to prevent data tampering:
    • New property Module::treeEncryptSalt available to generate a stateless hashed signature.
    • If treeEncryptSalt is not set, it will be randomly generated and stored in a session variable.
    • Tree configuration settings will be signed and the same data via POST will be cross checked using yii\base\Security::hashData and yii\base\Security::validateData.
  • Add github contribution and issue/PR logging templates.
  • Update message config to include all default standard translation files.
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