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HOP is a prototype hardware implementation on a RISC V processor and Freecursive ORAM to determine the efficiency of obfuscated programs. This document describes how to install and run a program on HOP.

Installing HOP

git clone

Install the 32 bit RISC-V GNU GCC Compiler Toolchain. This will install the toolchain at /opt/riscv.

cd hop/scripts


Install Xilinx Vivado 2015.2 - HL WebPack. This will install Vivado at /opt/Xilinx/ and start it for the first time.


Removing installation files

  1. Run ./ to remove build files
  2. After a successful Vivado installation, run:

sudo rm /opt/Xilinx/Vivado/2015.2/scripts/init.tcl

Obtaining a free Vivado license

  1. Visit Xilinx getlicense webpage
  2. Obtain a license for "Vivado Design Suite: HL WebPACK 2015 and Earlier License"
  3. In Vivado, install license at Help -> ManageLicense

Compiling and Running HOP

  • Compiling a program

cd examples/sum/

../ sum

(the first parameter is the name of the C file without the .c extension)

  • Running the program.

Update paths in the first few lines of obfuscation/oram/Top.v to reflect the files in examples/sum/. Run Flow -> Run Simulation -> Run Behavioral Simulation

Developed by

  1. Kartik Nayak (
  2. Christopher W. Fletcher (
  3. Ling Ren (