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Game of Life (What the hell is this ?)

This app is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life created using JavaScript while using React to render cells. You can read more about Conway's Game of Life and the rules that cells must follow for living or dying here.


You can view a demo of this app here -


This app uses webpack to bundle everything into a single js file for scripts and styles. You can find the generated js file in the dist folder. The source for these scripts and styles can be found in the aptly named src folder.

To build use the following command:

npx webpack


You can then use local server to serve the index.html file which correctly uses the dist path. One way for doing it is:

python3 -m "http.server"

You'll find two buttons on the page. The Start button will the start the simulation with a random distribution of cells, while the Stop button will only pause it, not reset it.

To reset simply reload the page.

How it works

The app relies on React references to latch onto the html canvas element. The rest of it is just timers to update the next state of each cell. You can find the meat of the code at src/scripts/board.js


Please feel free to send pull requests or open a bug or feature request using the Issues tab.

To Do

  • Add a pause button and make Stop do what it is supposed to do
  • Add a button to make random distributions
  • Allow users to create their own distributions using mouse clicks
  • Allow users to change the speed of simulation


MIT License.


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